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Leak Detection Everett

Leaks in Everett and Seattle homes happen every day. They can be caused by old and faulty washing machines, toilets, or water heaters. Trusted Plumbing & Heating has the latest technology when it comes to leak detection in Everett. Our services include leak detection, repair, and even servicing gas water heaters.


When a water heater reaches its life expectancy, the tank may begin to rust and corrode. Deteriorating tanks often lead to slow leaks. A constant leak leads to higher utility bills, or significant damage to Everett homes. But what’s even worse than a leak, is a sudden burst pipe due to aging water heaters. It’s important to do regular maintenance, getting your water heater checked for corrosion and rust. Trusted plumbing and heating can also conduct leak detection checks for your entire home.


Leak Detection Services Everett

But our service doesn't end with simple leak detection. Should you have a serious leak or a burst pipe, we can easily repair or possibly replace your plumbing. We take pride in being a part of the Everett community, doing our best to serve local businesses and residential homeowners.

We recommend you take a good look around your home and keep these tips in mind. But of course, we’re happy to come out and give an expert assessment on your plumbing, water heater, or sewer system. From gutters to toilets or water heaters, there’s a lot of possibilities for leaks. We know you don’t want to go through extensive re-plumbing and sewer repairs. We don’t want you to either! That’s why we are in this business. Our goal is to serve Everett with the best plumbing and heating services possible.

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Common places for leaks in Everett homes are usually behind toilets or sinks. We will conduct a thorough leak detection assessment and inspect pipes that lead from your toilets to the walls. Telltale signs of leaks are usually if there are puddles near toilets or sinks, or signs of mold or mildew. If you experience any of these signs, immediately turn off your water and give us a call. (206) 231–5007.

Don't let a leak ruin your home. Detection is the first step, followed by routine maintenance. Water doesn't stay underground; it travels through your home via pipes. As long as your pipes remain in good shape, you shouldn't have any problems. But if you do require repair service after a detection assessment, Trusted Plumbing & Heating  in Everett is there for you. Call (206) 231–5007.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Trusted Plumbing & Heating believe in great emergency work at a fair price. Our diagnostic charge can be applied to work we do for you after giving an estimate. However, our minimum cost for diagnostics in Everett is $49.99. Please give us a call for more info about leak detection at (206) 231-5008 so we can help you get started.