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Heat Pump Installation Service

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Plumber

Many homeowners shudder at the thought of overpaying for their heat pump installation, especially if they’re used to fixing up their own homes. To install a heat pump yourself is possible but a risky gamble for the inexperienced.

If you haven’t purchased your pump yet, take a moment to read about evaluating heat pump costs and the details that could make them either a big win or sour disappointment for your home.

If you have done your research and even purchased your heat pump, read on. Just like there are several different kinds of heat pumps, no two installations are the same.


Common Heat Pump Installation Process

Ductless heat pumps are the least expensive but require more experienced technicians to install

The size of each unit you purchase must be carefully considered in order to heat and cool each room with the most efficiency. That also means that more than one, or even several pumps may need to be installed in order to keep multiple rooms comfortable at the same time.

Since most modern homes now have duct systems, professional technicians are usually less practiced with this kind of install even though it is the least invasive. We suggest working with professionals, like those at Heating Plumbers, who are experienced with this kind of install to reduce the possibility of costly mistakes.

Air-source pump installations require the most skill and knowledge of your home’s electrical circuitry

That’s because the heating and cooling system you already have in place will need to be shut off and then rewired or removed completely during the process. If you have a split-system heat pump, it may need to be connected to your furnace in order to warm your house, or a pressurized refrigerant in order to cool it.

One small mistake in the wiring and hookup could mean a complete system failure and it will take know-how to identify and fix the problem correctly.

Geothermal heat pump installation is the most labor intensive but saves the most money over time

Pipes are placed in the ground around your property where water will remain the same temperature as the earth - a relative 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit compared to extreme ambient temperatures - before being pulled inside to be warmed or cooled by your pump.

These pumps are placed either horizontally or vertically into the ground. Depending on what lays on and under your property, the pipes could be placed by boring holes up to 80 feet deep or digging trenches about six feet deep.

Get Your Heat Pump Expertly Installed

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