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Professional Plumbing In Renton, From Leaks To Blocked Drains, Pipes, Installations And Heating (Including Emergencies)

Hire expert plumbers in Renton with Trusted, for everything from leaky faucets, blocked drains, sinks and toilets to hot water system installation, furnaces, HVAC and more.

Get fast response Renton plumbing services for small jobs such as…

And large jobs…


We are fully licensed as a plumbing contractor and have met all the required certifications for plumbing in Washington. All of our plumber technicians have undergone extensive training, and we have many years of experience providing plumbing, drain, sewer, water heater services and more. You can trust us to provide high quality, efficient plumbing work and have peace of mind since we are fully insured and bonded as well.



Don’t put off plumbing problems as they can potentially lead to…

- Higher utility bills
- Costly repairs (or even full replacement)
- Excess water usage/waste
- Property damage
- Indoor air pollution
- Environmental pollution
- Higher insurance premiums
- Health hazards like black mold

Eleanor Roberts
Eleanor Roberts

Trusted Plumbing was great! They're working on 3 different projects for me so far, and have been very responsive in coming out and helping to assess what the problem was. They did an emergency hot water tank replacement, and had to jet the sewer line at the same time. They came back towards he end of the day to finish the job, and I appreciated that they came out on a Friday night! These guys were awesome.

Andrew Winner
Andrew Winner

Grant was prompt and helped me work out an economical solution to my plumbing problem. It's nice to find an honest plumber that quotes a reasonable price for the work then does a good job! I will go to him now for any other plumbing problems that I have.

Rebecca Blandsom
Rebecca Blandsom

Initially, I had contacted another company to replace my water heater who notified me 1/2 hour before they were suppose to arrive that they would be able to make it until the next day. I called Trusted Plumbing & Heating around 12:30 p.m. and spoke with Jim, who had Chris out to my house later that afternoon. Chris was very respectful, knowledgeable and a diligent worker! The price quoted on the phone was the amount I was charged. If I have a plumbing need in the future, I will call Trusted Plumbing & Heating.

Sandra Miller
Sandra Miller

Trusted Plumbing was on time, worked quickly and didn't price gauge. I'd recommend this company to anyone. Best plumbers in Renton!

Residential And Commercial Plumbing Services In Renton

As qualified and licensed domestic and commercial plumbers in Renton, we fix plumbing emergencies and non-emergencies in apartments, townhouses and family homes as well as offices, factories and warehouses.
Our experienced plumbers follow 3 simple steps to fix your plumbing fast:

  1. Find the root cause of the problem
  2. Discuss your options and suggest the best and most cost-effective solution
  3. Start work immediately or schedule a time that suits you

Whether it’s your own home, a rental property, a business premises, we’ll be there on time and get your plumbing issues fixed ASAP.

Renton 24 Hour Emergency Plumbers

Whether it’s a burst pipe, blocked toilet, sink or drain or if you lose your heating or cooling, it can disrupt your whole day (or night!).

You can count on Trusted for 24 hour emergency plumbing in Renton.

For early morning, nighttime or weekend plumbing emergencies, call Trusted (425) 333-2559 and we’ll be there within an hour, possibly sooner as long as we aren’t booked out already.

Reliable Renton Plumbing Services


Leaky Faucet Repair Renton

If you have a persistently dripping faucet, visible or invisible leak, it might show on your water bill before anywhere else.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor leaking faucet, it’s likely a quick fix and could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in reduced water usage.

Our licensed plumbers fix or replace popular faucet brands like Delta, American Standard, Kraus, Brizo, Pfister, Moen, Kohler, Grohe and others.

Get fast fixes on kitchen faucets, laundries as well as bathroom faucet repair, affordably and reliably.


Renton Water Leak Repair

Visible or invisible water leaks can go undetected for years anywhere in your home including faucets, walls, floors, ceilings and even in your yard.

Left unattended to, it can result in severe water damage, structural damage and potentially be a breeding ground for toxic black mold.

Particularly in a moist, high rainfall area like Seattle, mold can grow and fester behind walls and still affect your health (and you’ll be completely unaware that it’s due to invisible mold).

A mold-toxic property or business premises can cause a wide range of symptoms for each person such as allergies, insomnia, suppressed immune system, auto-immune diseases and many more significant health problems.

This is why it’s crucial to fix water leaks and get a mold inspector to check your home at least annually.

Cristin Hallmosley
Cristin Hallmosley

Really appreciate the hard work they put into it my bathroom addition. They worked nonstop from the moment they arrived until the moment they left, were incredibly courteous and professional. I felt safe at all times. I felt respected and valued as a customer. I never felt nickeled or dimed and the transparency throughout the process for cost and scope of work was easy to understand and felt very fair and competitive, when compared to other companies. I submitted an original design to them. They came out for a site visit and provided a detailed quote within a week. Out of 4 companies I interviewed, they were the only ones that provided the level of detail and transparency I was after. Rough-In of toilet, sink and tub pipes, followed by the installation of all fixtures. This company has landed on my "go-to" list for all plumbing needs.

Mark Steve
Mark Steve

Leaking water pipe in attic fixed. They arrived on time after a one day reschedule. Took only one hour. Also fixed sink drain pipe. Good Job!

Glen Washington
Glen Washington

Team was very knowledgeable and did good work on the water heater, pulled the old one out and installed the new one very quickly with no hangups.

Tasha Gillespi
Tasha Gillespi

Excellent service. I highly recommend Trusted Plumbing. They are super responsive, showed up on time, did the job quickly and well, and the price was fair. 10/10 recommend them.

Ben Kerr
Ben Kerr

I was lucky enough to have the plumber Grant from Trusted Plumbing and Heating be sent down to my co-op unit in Capitol Hill two times over the last few weeks. He was addressing two separate issues which were not related. In both instances he and his apprentice dove right into the work. They were clean, respectful, good communicators and kept me informed through out the entire process. Both issues were resolved successfully and in both instances they came in on or under budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Grant from Trusted Heating and Plumbing - if I were you I would ask for him by name!

Clogged Or Blocked Drains And Pipe Repair in Renton

If you’re dealing with clogging or blockages in your sinks, bathtub, shower, toilet or jacuzzi, it’s important to get it fixed asap to prevent water overflowing (visibly or behind walls or under floors).

Common causes for blockages are physical obstructions like tree roots, soap, body hair, kids toys, oil, grease and food chunks.

For fast kitchen sink repair, call the experts at Trusted to find and remove the obstruction and get your drains moving properly again.

For bathroom sink repair the common offenders for slow drains are blockages from hair and soap in sinks, bathtubs and showers.

For reliable drain cleaning services, get a quote today.

Our experts will clear the blockage with either snaking or hydro-jetting so that it’s gone for good.

Heavy-Duty Pipe Cleaning Service


For tough blockages that just won’t clean, we turn to hydro-jetting, which is a high-pressure water system that pushes debris, dirt, plant roots and inorganic materials through your pipes to clear the offending object or build-up once and for all.

If you have persistent slow drains and blockages, it might be a sign that a moire severe blockage is causing the problem.

Hydro-Jetting clears 99% of blockages, prevents your recurring drain blockages and therefore reduces your plumbing costs too into the near future.

Renton Trenchless Pipe Repair Service

In a worst case scenario where there’s damage to your pipes, a technology we offer is trenchless pipe repairing.

You’ve probably heard of ‘no dig pipe repair’... this is where we use a sewer scope to identify where pipes are damaged and need to be fixed or replaced.

Then we mend from the inside of the pipes, with no extensive digging of your grass or garden.

Renton Water Heater Repair Services

A faulty hot water heater can mean an unpleasant start or end to a day if your shower is cold.

Our expert water heater contractors fix or replace both electric hot water heaters as well as gas water heaters including 40 gallon, 50 gallon and other sizes.

Whichever brand you have or would like to upgrade to, such as GE, Bosch Rinnai, Rheem, AO Smith, Bradford White, Kenmore and others, our team can help.

Ask about possibly switching to a tankless water heater from brands like Takagi, Noritz, Navien and others.

A tankless system has several benefits including…

- Greater energy efficiency - tankless systems ensure you only heat as much water as you need
- Lower utility bills - less electricity used means reduced water and electricity bills
- Increase lifespan of around 20 years (compared to 10-15 with conventional water heater)
- Space saving - no need to take up valuable cupboard, bathroom, laundry or garage space

With qualified water heater repair contractors on the job, you’ll have hot water back on quickly.

Sean Goldsmith
Sean Goldsmith

Trusted plumbing and heating is a fantastic business that was extremely responsive to my complex needs. Our undermount bathroom sink broke and then eventually came unfastened from the countertop in our bathroom. Jim and his staff worked with me on potential repair options and even came out 3 separate times to ensure the new sink and counter installation was done correctly. Their scheduling staff were very kind and answered the phone every time I called to reschedule even around the holidays. I appreciate their thorough work and will use them for any plumbing needs in the future.

Arlene Bell
Arlene Bell

We have struggled for 20 years with a troubled main sewer line. It would back up every year and we have had some 12-15 different plumbers here to clean it out over the years. It took Trusted Plumbing to thoroughly assess the situation, prescribe the work to be done and then to do it with excellent service, attention and precision. Jim was the first on the scene and he removed an aged backflow check valve that was practically rusted shut. Jim then was able to run a video camera down the line and found two major breaks along with multiple sets of tree roots grown into the line. After clearing the obstructions Jim scheduled us for a main sewer line replacement with a new liner. David and Clint were out yesterday and completed the work in approximately 6 hours. It was an amazing process to witness and the efficiency of these two guys was impressive especially in a massive 3 hour downpour. I also want to say that the front office folks are easily the most helpful, courteous and knowledgable I've ever dealt with. All around, I am extremely thankful for these fine folks at Trusted Plumbing. I can now finally rest easy with a brand new perfectly installed sewer line. We give Trusted Plumbing and Heating our highest recommendation!

Susana Ellis
Susana Ellis

They came and did the work and were able to do it in record time.

Teresa Lynch
Teresa Lynch

Trusted Plumbing & Heating and plumber Aaron provides knowledgeable, efficient, and committed service, resolving plumbing issues with expertise and professionalism.

Renton Water Line Repair


A cracked or broken water line can be an unpleasant experience to say the least.

With reliable 24hr broken water line repair services in Renton for emergencies, the team at Trusted will come to the rescue and get it fixed fast.

Keep your home, rental property or business premises online with licensed plumbing support from the team at Trusted.


Old heating and cooling systems can potentially be adding 10%, 20%, 30% or more to your monthly utility bill.

If an upgrade/replacement is the smarter, cheaper option, we’ll let you know before repairing your current older system.

Upgrading to a new heating system or new air-con system can often be less costly than running an old system.

After an inspection, you’ll be presented with options whether to repair or replace, so that you decide what’s best for your environment and your budget.


Given that 98% of basements in the U.S. will be hit with water damage during their lifetime, prevention can save you a lot of money and hassles..

Common basement water problems are caused by one or more of the following:

- Broken pipe
- Busted pipe
- Leaky pipe
- Extreme cold or heat
- Overflowing washing machine

A flooded basement is a serious concern and should be attended to immediately to prevent structural damage to the property such as walls and floors.

Call the basement plumbing contractors at Trusted today before mold sets in and becomes a health hazard.



If there’s been heavy rainfall, a severe storm, melting snow or a piping problem, the water damage it can create can get expensive if it’s not attended to quickly.

Don’t wait until water damage becomes a health hazard for you and your family, as things like mold can be far more damaging than what can happen to your house.

If you have water damage or think you might have water damage from recent heavy rainfall, melting snow, a storm or cyclone, speed is crucial in getting it fixed.

Left unattended to, water damage can become serious, expensive and even hazardous to the health of the occupants of a home or commercial space.

Here are the negative effects of water damage in the US:

- 14,000 people in the U.S. experience a water damage emergency at home or work every day.
- 75% of water heaters fail before they are 12 years old.
- 37% of U.S. homeowners claim to have suffered losses from water damage.
- $2.5 Billion is the annual cost to insurance companies from water damage and mold in the U.S.
- Water Damaged Buildings (Apartments, Houses, Commercial Office Buildings)

Sick Building Syndrome is a growing problem across the US.

If you’re dealing with a moldy home in Seattle, Washington State Department Of Health has some handy advice.

Generally, the more damp, wet, and moist your home is, the greater the chance that it will be a breeding ground for mold

It's important to get any leaks fixed quickly because mold and mildew can grow in your home within 24-48 hours of water damage occurring.

Meanwhile, sewage ending up in your home from a direct sewer leak is even more nasty and hazardous. Please call us right away if you have any kind of water leak in your home.

Jolene Metcalf
Jolene Metcalf

They do an honest assessment of what needs to be done (or not done) - excellent communication with scheduling I'll always call Trusted Plumbing & Heating.

Christine F
Christine F

We called about 10am and we're told they would be out between 11-1P. At about 11:05a they showed up!!! Our problem was relatively minor but we have a very old house with one main water shut off in the basement. If the problem wasn't fixed that same day we would not have any water. The fix was easy for them and we glad to pay for a quick solution and have our water back on. Techs were very nice.
I recommend this company!

Pedro M
Pedro M

Excellent service. I highly recommend Trusted Plumbing. They are super responsive, showed up on time, did the job quickly and well, and the price was fair. 10/10 recommend them.

Rene W
Rene W

We had a leak in our main bathroom under the sink. I called this company, they scheduled next day and came out at an earlier time than expected! Barrett was the service tech and he was just about the friendliest man you could ever meet - and professional too. He saw what the problem was right away, gave us a couple of options, and then worked to complete what we asked for. It was one of the most awesome experiences we have had to date. We are totally satisfied with the work and cost, and I would definitely recommend this business for your plumbing needs.

For urgent response to a broken main sewer line emergencies can prevent even more damage occurring, let alone the environmental impact.

Whether the main sewer line plumbing problem is visible and obvious or if you just suspect there could be a problem, book in for a sewer line inspection.

The Trusted team has specialist equipment and experienced sewer technicians who can identify blockages or broken lines and present you with affordable options for repair or upgrade.

Sometimes it will be fixed on the spot, or in most cases another appointment will be scheduled to carry out repairs or replacement.

Inspections And Plumbing Maintenance Services In Renton

A plumbing inspection can identify the cause and you’ll know your options sometimes within minutes.

For annual plumbing maintenance services, the team at Trusted will inspect your property and check for issues, leaks, cracks that may not be visible at the surface level.

It’s common for plumbing problems to involve water leaks behind walls, sinks or showers, and because they’re not visible, it can cause serious damage before you work out what’s causing the problem.

Commercial Plumbing Services Renton


For commercial plumbing problems at a retail store, factory, warehouse or office building, get in touch with Trusted.

Googling ‘commercial plumbers near me’ in Renton will list several companies but few offer the full range of services offered by Trusted.

Our contractors are licensed, insured and bonded and chances are we’ll have several plumbers nearby that can get to your location quickly.

With a reputation as one of the best commercial plumbers in Renton for shops, offices, factories and warehouses, you’ll get expert advice and fast service.

Call Trusted for problems relating to sinks, drains, water filtration, water damage and emergency plumbing.


If you’ve just purchased or would like to upgrade to a new hot water heater, new sink or new faucet, Trusted can install it for you.

With a stress-free fixture installation service, you’ll have your exciting new appliance in place and a smile on your face too.

Get expert help with garbage disposal system repair, leak repair and boiler repair.


Pricing is quoted accurately after an in-person inspection, but here is a general outline…


Free on the phone or via email when applicable - $89 service charge for in-person inspection.

Hourly Rate

We are a flat rate company


View our extensive pricing list


Quoted on-the-spot at your home or workplace

New Unit/Appliance

Quoted on-the-spot at your home or workplace


Emergency Call Outs (During Business Hours)
From $89 [Or Call for a 5-minute customized quote]

24 Hour Emergency Call Outs (After Hours & Weekends)
Depending on time and distance [Call for a 5-minute customized quote]

Find out about financing for plumbing services

For a reliable Renton plumbing company…
Call Trusted Plumbing & Heating at (425) 333-2559