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Water Heater Repair Renton

No one likes being surprised by a cold shower. There’s nothing worse than sleepily walking into your bathroom in the morning and being forcibly woken up from a face full of ice cold water. If your water heater is not sending your pipes or home hot water, then it is time for an inspection! The best thing to do in this scenario is have an experienced professional come out and take a look at your water heater. There could be a few reasons why your water heater is not holding hot water for long periods of time. Cracks or holes in the piping could be to blame or it could be sediment buildup. Having an experienced water heater repair specialist inspect your water heater and the surrounding plumbing will ensure that you are able to make well informed decisions when the time comes. The cost between repiping your home or repairing your water heater can be dramatically different. By having a professional inspection, you’ll have all the information in order to make a decision.


Trusted Plumbing & Heating is your source for water heater repair and replacement. We understand you expect hot water when you need it and that is only natural. Once our plumbers are onsite, they will ascertain your water heater's problem and take care of the issue to the best of their considerable abilities. Our plumbing experts are knowledgeable in a wide variety of models and styles of water heaters and can make recommendations based on the specific needs of your building. We also offer more immediate assistance and a team is always available for emergency service for your home or business. Call us today at (206) 208-0007 to speak with one of our many plumbers about your water heater repair in Renton and Seattle, WA!

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Repair Water Heater Renton

If you are lucky some water heaters only require simple repairs, like anode replacement or cleaning to get rid of sediment build up. Other times, it can be a more severe issue and you may have to fully replace the water heater. When your water heater is on its last legs and about to give up, we can assist you with your replacement options. At Trusted Plumbing & Heating we utilize energy efficient models to help lower your cost on both your water and power bills. Your old water heater may have been with you for years, but chances are that it is not as efficient as it could be. Older technology has a tendency to wear over time, and the cost of repairing it over and over again can end up costing you more. Equipment and technology have advanced greatly over the years and now there are so many varieties of heaters when it comes to make, model, and size. Your options will seem limitless and our plumbers will be there to help you choose the best one. 

Tankless water heaters, or instantaneous water heaters as they are also known, are one of the most efficient models on the market. They provide hot water only when it is needed which cuts down on the normal energy loss associated with traditional storage water heaters. These little powerhouses take up less space than an older bulky model. They are easy to install within the home and can be placed virtually anywhere, not just in a utility closet or basement. Tankless water heaters directly heat your water by natural gas or using heated electric coils and they do so upon request. This ability greatly reduces the draw upon your electricity a traditional water heater would use and allows you to get hot water almost instantly. The best part is that tankless or instant models can last for over twenty years. Repairing one is also a breeze as most models have easily replaceable parts which can extend the life of your water heater for many years after installation.

Do you need an inspection or water heater repair in Renton, WA, Seattle, WA or the surrounding area? Or maybe it is time for a replacement unit? Whatever the reason, we are ready and prepared to help! Call today at (206) 208-0007 for more information on our different models of energy efficient water heaters!

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Water Heater Fix Renton

When your water heater is acting up and does not seem to be working correctly, it’s so easy to picture the worst possible outcome. A misbehaving water heater does not necessarily mean that you will need to replace it. If it’s a clog in the pipes, you can clear it out. Or maybe a simple patch in the pipe is all you need. The maintenance for many of today’s heaters has significantly improved. Oftentimes, you only need to switch or replace a few parts and your water heater will be as good as new. When that is not the case and you find yourself needing a full water heater replacement, give us a call at Trusted Plumbing & Heating. Once you replace a water heater, you will not have to worry about it for many years. A regularly maintained water heater can last upwards of twenty years.

New water heaters are more efficient and they take up way less of the square footage in your home. Plus you will notice a difference in the amount you save each month in energy and water usage. Do not let the idea of replacing a vital piece of equipment like your water heater stop you from being proactive. Our team is standing by to assist with a water heater fix or replacement!

If you live in Renton, Washington or the surrounding areas and you believe your sewer pipe or water line has been damaged and is in need of repairs, call us. Or if you think that your water heater needs to be fixed or repaired, reach out. If you need more information about trenchless repairs, or just have concerns about your plumbing system in general, we are here for you. Please give Trusted Plumbing & Heating a call at (206) 208-0007.