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If you live in rainy Renton, you understand the importance of the sewer system in your home. Sewer lines are incredibly important for the health and comfort of home residents. It may sound contrary to logic, but toilet paper, dirt, and grease are one of the most common materials that can cause drains to clog. When too much toilet paper and material is flushed down in a short amount of time, it compromises the pipe system. This is especially true when other particles are also included with the toilet paper which is quite realistic. 


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There are different types of drain cleaning that can be done to your Renton home. All of these have their benefits, cons, as well as costs associated with. It is best to consult with a professional if you are not sure which method is best for your sewer system. 

Here are some of the main sewer cleaning methods:


Chemical drain cleaning. This method uses liquid or solid forms of alkaline and acids. This solution is then poured on to the clogged drain and creates a reaction which dislodges the organic blockage. These chemical solutions are readily available, however they can be corrosive and could cause burns onto your skin or pipe corrosion if not used properly. It is important for Renton homeowners to use the help of a licensed plumber if you would like to avoid damage. 


Air burst drain cleaning. This technique includes accelerated gas like carbon dioxide to clean out clogged pipes. The gas acts like force to get rid of the clogging. This method works faster than chemical cleaning and can reach blockages that are deeper. It is also a safer method for your pipes as it tends to not leave scratches or marks. 


Snake drain cleaning. This approach uses a long and flexible tool. It is about 1/4th inches thick and is called a snake drain or plumbing auger. This method is quite effective since it is able to clean massive clogs such as plant intrusions. 


Hydro jetting cleaning. This technique is a more modern one. It uses high pressure steams. Basically, it is a hosepipe that is connected to a strong nozzle that send water out with high pressure of up to 35,000 PSI. It is also an effective method and can be used to completely clear out all obstruction in long drain pipes. 


Main Line Plumbing Renton

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