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Renton Sewer Line Repair

Oftentimes Renton homeowners find themselves in a place where they need sewer line repair or replacement services. Sometimes sewer service is required because they bought a home in Renton that had a preexisting issue or it developed while they lived in the home. Acting early can help prevent the sewer damage to your Renton home from worsening. Damage to sewer pipes works like the domino effect where the more time passes, the worse it gets. Sometimes the sewer damage seeps into the yard, causing it to smell, or sometimes it enters into the home and causes damage to the furniture and structure. Either way, it is smart to act fast and obtain sewer service quickly if you suspect an issue.

Renton Sewer Line Repair

Repair Sewer Line Renton

If your pipes leak or break and need repair or replacement, there are usually two trenchless plumbing methods that are recommended.

Pipe Lining

One is called pipe lining. This method is usually used if the pipe damage is minimal. Usually, an inflatable tube surrounded in epoxy is inserted into the drain sewer line. Once inside, the tube is inflated and it presses against the line. After some time, the epoxy cures and becomes hard. The result is a covered leak.

Pipe Bursting

The next method is called pipe bursting. This approach is used in more severe cases where a cone-shaped part is fed through the pipe. During this process, it destroys the pipe while immediately replacing the system with a new one. While this method is usually more expensive and less time-effective, it doesn’t require excavation. 

Fix Sewer Line Renton

When sewer pipes are damaged severely, beyond repair, trenchless sewer repair might not be useful. Technicians would need to resort to traditional plumbing repair methods to repair homes in Renton. This means it will require an extremely invasive and costly approach where plumbers dig up your yard to reveal the pipes. 


Some common reasons for damaged pipes in Renton homes include corrosion that happens in old or weak pipes, tree roots growing inside the piping, or clogging done by improper waste drained down the system. Homeowners in Renton should be careful not to throw away any harmful particles into the drain, including cooking oil, trash, or certain chemicals. 


If your Renton home needs sewer line repair or replacement services, call Trusted Plumbing & Heating today. We understand that a home is one of the biggest investments for Renton families.


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