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Plumber Maple Valley WA

Let Trusted Plumbing & Heating LLC be your first call when you are looking to hire a qualified, dependable, friendly and affordable plumber in the Maple Valley, Washington area. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company with a reputation for doing high-quality work.

We employ rigorously trained, experienced plumbers who have proven their exceptional skills over countless jobs throughout the community and beyond. Not surprisingly, our first-time customers turn into lifelong patrons.

We are eager to have you too join the long list of our happy clients. You can call our plumber to your Maple Valley property for wide-ranging services. We:

  • Do installations, repairs and replacements/upgrades
  • Handle jobs of all sizes and complexities
  • Serve homeowners as well as businesses
  • Work on both pre-scheduled and emergency jobs

Plumbing Maple Valley WA

At our company, we are very particular about providing quick, accurate and lasting solutions to meet the plumbing needs of Maple Valley residents. We are a family owned and operated company that considers satisfied customers as its biggest asset as well as the best advertisement.

No matter what job you hire our plumbers for, be sure of receiving service that meets your requirement completely, exceeds the highest industry standards and surpasses your expectations. Our technicians work in your property as diligently as they would if it was their own home.

Look no further than us when you want your plumbing job in Maple Valley to be done with a commitment to precision, giving meticulous attention to detail, utilizing the most modern tools & technologies and using top-grade products.

Plumbing Company Maple Valley WA

Unhindered supply of clean, fresh water and efficient, safe disposal of wastewater are two basic requirements for a property to be inhabitable. You will agree that the support of an accomplished plumbing company in the Maple Valley area can make your daily living a lot easy, comfortable and hassle-free.

We are glad to be the contractor that can help you ensure an efficient plumbing system in your home or business place. With our company accessible 24/7, you can rest easy that all your water pipe and sewer issues will be fixed:

  • Promptly
  • Properly and comprehensively
  • Economically

Why choose any other plumbing company in the Maple Valley area when you can hire the best? Call Trusted Plumbing & Heating LLC at 206-231-5007 to schedule the service you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Trusted Plumbing & Heating believe in good quality work at a fair price. Here are a few examples. We charge $49.78 for diagnostics and service of a clogged toilet throughout Seattle. Diagnostics can always be applied to any additional work if needed. The average cost for a water heater incl. service in Seattle is $1150 (electric) $1250 (standard gas) incl. installation (as is). A half horse garbage disposal installed runs about $450. This will depend on exact circumstances. Please give us a call for a personalized estimate (206) 472-7979.