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What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

Just want to know what to expect for the cost of your plumbing job? Here are some of the top most common plumbing problems we fix for customers, and price ranges for all of them! You can also view our full price list database for more detailed pricing information.

#1: Leaky Faucets

A dripping faucet will both waste water, and increase your water bills over time even if it’s just a tiny, occasional drip. A worn-out washer or O-ring often is the cause for minor drips.


$306.85 - $644.44


Example Job:

We recently replaced a worn-out O ring in a kitchen faucet, resolving a leak issue for a client in Renton who was getting a higher water bill than normal and noticed the dripping faucet.

Final Price: $429.60

#2: Clogged Drains

Cooking fat, hair, thick soap scum, and other thick or sticky material can accumulate in drains if they are not disposed of properly, causing blockages. Minor clogs can be cleared with a plunger or drain cleaning fluid sometimes, but if it’s completely blocked you should probably call a professional.


$238.37 to $357.55


Example Job:

We cleared a clogged shower drain for a customer in Bellevue, the thick clog was caused by hair and soap scum buildup.

Final Price: $303.72

#3: Running Toilets

A toilet that is constantly running because of an issue with the tank not filling properly can waste water and drastically increase your water bill. Usually, these are caused by a problem with the flapper or valves, although in some cases the tank may be compromised entirely and in need of replacement.


$244.02 - $366.03


Example Job:

We worked with a homeowner in Kent and fixed their continually running toilet by replacing a faulty flapper valve.

Final Price: $281.64

#4: Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be frustrating when you are trying to cook, clean or take a shower and is typically caused by small problems developed over time, such as a mineral buildup within a faucet, a partially closed shut-off valve in your main line, or a hidden leak in the pipes causing water to go to waste.


$240.17 - $360.25


Example Job:

We resolved low water pressure for an entire house in Puyallup. The problem was traced to a partially closed main shut-off valve, which was adjusted to restore proper water flow.

Final Price: $260.24

#5: Leaking Pipes

Leaks can be caused by corrosion, improperly installed fittings, or damaged seals over time but also can occur in unusual circumstances such as the pipe being frozen or accidentally cut into. Even a small pinhole leak in a main line can cause severe water damage so find your shut-off valve as soon as possible, and call a plumber.


$425.44 - $638.16

Emergency Plumber Kent

Example Job:

We repaired a leaking pipe in the basement of a homeowner residing in King County, WA, specifically in the town of Black Diamond. The leak was caused by a damaged pipe joint, which was replaced during the repair.

Final Price: $595.62

#6: Water Heater Issues

Typical problems with older water heaters include slow performance and mechanical issues, but they can be susceptible to leaking as well. Slow performance can be attributed to the age of the heater or sediment buildup in many cases and can sometimes be repaired. Still, a leak must be urgently dealt with and may require full replacement if the heater is compromised fully.


$250.22 - $375.33

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Example Job:

We recently diagnosed and repaired a water heater issue in Issaquah. The problem stemmed from a malfunctioning heating element, which was replaced.

Final Price: $280.32

#7: Garbage Disposal Problems

Even the best garbage disposal can become clogged if it is not being used properly. Grease from cooking is the most common culprit, as bacon grease or cooking fat cannot be handled by a disposal adequately and can lead to severe blocks. Make sure to only put suitable materials down the disposal and call a plumber if yours is getting stuck.


$254.52 - $381.78

How Do Plumbers Find Leaks?

Example Job:

Just recently, we replaced a malfunctioning garbage disposal in a customer’s home in Fife with a new unit. The old disposal stopped working due to a seized motor, necessitating its replacement with an upgraded model.

Final Price: $356.34

#8: Frozen Pipes

In colder climates or during unusually cold winters here in Washington, pipes can freeze and burst due to the now-frozen water increasing in size and destroying the pipe wall. We recommend insulating exposed hose bibs and keeping the home at a comfortable temperature to avoid frozen pipes but call us if yours has frozen and find that shut-off valve ASAP.


$711.38 - $1067.07


Example Job:

This past winter in Bothell we repaired a section of outdoor hose pipe that had frozen and burst due to lack of insulation.

Final Price: $995.94

#9: Sump Pump Failure

Sump pump machines are a great tool for ensuring that basements or other low points of a home do not get flooded in stormy weather. Maintenance is needed regularly so that they do not fail at a critical time and cause the rest of your home to be flooded.


$300.80 - $451.20


Example Job:

We visited a customer in South Hill to repair a sump pump that was displaying an error code. The repair involved resetting the pump's control unit and replacing a faulty sensor, ensuring proper functionality.

Final Price: $421.12

#10: Sewer System Backup

Growth of tree roots, holes in pipe walls, or excessive fat and grease can cause sewer lines to back up and get stuck. If you smell foul odors coming from your drains or are finding that multiple drains are now clogged or slow, you may have a clogged sewer system. We can clear the sewer out and offer trenchless sewer repair which often can solve these problems for good without needing to dig the entire sewer system out.


$1,177.71 - $1766.56


Example Job:

In West Seattle we recently repaired a sewer system with roots infiltrating it. The repair involved hydro jetting to clear out the roots and restore proper flow within the sewer system.

Final Price: $1,648.80