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Sewer and Drain Cleaning Using Pressure Hot Water System

Whether at home or a place of business, drainage line clogs are a huge nuisance. A clogged sewer line can bring raw sewage into your house through the drains. This is a major headache for any home or business owner, from the pungent smells to the cost implication.


Over time, no matter how cautious you are, at some point there will be a clog in your main sewer line for one reason or other. Some of the common causes of this blockage are:

  • Flushing diapers, sanitary towels and facial towels down your toilet.
  • Dumping large quantities of garbage in the garbage disposal.
  • Pouring grease and oil down your drain. The grease and oil may be liquid at the point of disposal, but will solidify and leave your drain clogged.
  • Tree roots that can grow into your sewer lines causing them to block.
  • Older homes may have sewer lines build of cast iron which collapses or breaks with time.
  • Weather elements such as ice blocks may also be the culprit

Watch how thorough the drain cleaner is

Effective methods of unblocking a clogged drain or sewer line

One of the most efficient methods of drain cleaning is by using a jetted hot water system. This approach can unblock even the toughest of blocks, from grease build-ups to ice blockades. This clean-up process can flush out blocks with a width of 2-12 inches. This hot jet uses hot water and pressure to drain a water pipe and carry out a thorough grease removal process.

The hot water jet uses state of the art technology. It has a 35 horse motor with an electric pressure flow of 10GPM at 3,850 PSI. This makes it possible to transport steaming hot water and flush out the built-up grease. This sort of pressure will dislodge thick blocks of ice, soil and grease to leave your pipes breathable and functional. This technology is useful both in homes and in large buildings, such as restaurants, schools and office buildings.

Cost and time Implication

Using a jetted hot water system as your drain cleaning method is cost-efficient and time-saving. The jet has a capacity of 330 gallons of water and will get your drains and sewer lines working like new with just one powerful flush.

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