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Professional Pipe Repair Service

Trusted Plumbing will repair PVC, copper, and steel pipes anywhere inside your home and on your schedule.

The most common causes of water damage to homes is one or a few leaky, busted, or corroded pipes. Water damage is a pain because it costs a lot of money to fix and is highly preventable when it’s the result of neglected pipes


Getting your pipe repaired right away will prevent you from paying for it later.

Leaking metal water pipes can wreak havoc on your insulation, foundation, and other valuables. It often costs more to repair or replace these items than it does to have a pipe repaired. We repair pipes so often and so well that we have a proven record of excellence in service and quality with our valued customers.

Ready to stop losing water? Call us now.

But what if I’m not sure a repair is what I need?

If your pipe isn’t outright bursting you may be doubtful a repair is actually what you need. (Is that a drip -drop I hear?) Sometimes pipes give more subtle warning signs that make us unsure we even need a repair.

You may have seen some things go down the toilet or kitchen sink that simply shouldn’t have, in which case you should definitely call a plumber! But there are some other common causes to damaged pipes you may not be aware of. If your pipes have gone through any of these changes recently, it’s time to give Trusted Plumbing a call.

  • Time. We put our pipes through a lot year-in and year-out. Not just in our daily usage but through the seasons, storms and earthquakes really do  a number on your home’s plumbing too.
  • Cold temperatures. Winter months where temperatures can get below freezing are an additional strain to metal plumbing. Contracting and expanding water molecules crack pipes over time.
  • Settling and shifting foundation. Homes settling into their foundation can cause pipe joints to loosen or even separate.
  • Too many DIY attempts. Hey, sometimes it’s best just to leave it to the pros, okay?

If you believe one of these could be the reason behind that new creaking sound in your kitchen wall, you may be due for a visit for your local plumber.

Okay, I’m ready to talk to a pro.

We think that’s a great idea! When you call Trusted Plumbing one of our technicians will give you a free estimate before scheduling your repair. We look forward to speaking with you. Call us at 206-208-0007.

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