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There are lots of different types of plumbing running through your home or commercial property in the Edmonds area. Even the style and age of your property will tell a lot about the type of pipes and water systems you have. Regardless of the kind of plumbing you have, eventually some repairs or even replacements of existing plumbing will come up. 


We’ve been in business for many years, and our reviews show that our dedication to providing customer oriented service keeps you, as the property owner, satisfied and happy at the end of each job. Our services include but aren’t limited too:

  • water heater problems
  • faucet replacement
  • sump pump maintenance
  • drain unclogging

If you’re residing in the Edmonds Washington area, feel free to give our plumbers a call to find out how we can help with your plumbing needs. 

Plumbing Edmonds WA

Wastewater that leaves the inside of your home or business enters the Edmonds sewer system and flows through city-owned and maintained pipes into the Edmonds and Lynnwood Wastewater Treatment Plants. City staff provides maintenance and repair of City systems to ensure federal and state standards are met for water quality, plant-generated air, effluent, and solids. The Engineering Division is responsible for the long range planning, design and construction management of public sewer system improvements and extensions. The Sewer Division is responsible for the maintenance and operation of 14 sanitary sewer pump stations, 26 residential grinder pumps, 3,200 sanitary sewer manholes, and over 186 miles of sanitary sewer mains serving over 9,800 customer accounts.


It’s not every day that you’re going to come across a plumbing repair. But when you do, it’s important to have faith in the plumber work being done. We utilize new technology systems to ensure the most up to date plumber expertise is used on all plumbing work. Trenchless technology helps for sewer and water line repairs and replacements to keep your yard in tact, and provide less intrusion into your property to make large repairs. 

Our quality plumber team also offers hot water hydro jetting to unclog tough drain and pipe clogs that even a snake can’t get to. It helps for cleaning the pipe as well, and gets rid of left over debris, allowing the pipe to be rejuvenated from needing repairs as soon in the future. Our plumbers services are always:

  • cost effective
  • reliable
  • innovative



Depending on the style or even age of the property you have, many different plumbing repairs may occur over time. Some of the many services we continue to provide include:


  • waterheater maintenance
  • shower drain and toilet unclogging
  • pipe line and sewer replacement

Feel free to give our plumbers a call to see how we can help get your plumbing needs taken care of quickly, affordably and efficiently. Homes and businesses in the Edmonds community can always rely on us to help supply assistance for your plumber repairs, maintenance and installations. Call today to see how we can help.


Some requirements need a more sophisticated approach to help get things back in working order. Our company is experienced in many different types of plumbing technologies and solutions. One of these options is trenchless sewer and line care and replacement work helps to maintain your yard and home from needing invasive damage to get to the pipes. It helps provide effective repairs while keeping and digging underground to a minimum.

Plumbing Company Edmonds WA

Did You Know?

There are 19 buildings on the City of Edmonds' historic registry, including this 112-year-old home near the waterfront.


According to the Everett Herald:

"The city’s Historic Preservation Committee said the home’s main period of significance was the 1940s when a brick veneer was added. The home was occupied by a merchant marine, reflected by an old marine symbol on the chimney’s exterior. It was a typical house for a working-class member of society at the time, the group said."


The original pipes in this home were likely made of galvanized steel if they were installed before about 1920, or they may have been either steel or copper, if they were installed later.


Galvanized steel rusts and corrodes relatively easily, which results in blockages quite easily. They also release lead into the water, leading to water discoloration and potential illness. Old houses usually have at least some galvanized steel pipes left, because replacing an entire piping system is expensive.


Copper pipes are one of the best types of pipes you can have. The only concern with existing copper is the potential for lead in older pipes. Installing copper pipes is quite expensive, which is why many homeowners go with another material, like PVC, when replacing pipes.


If your house is older than 1980 and your plumbing hasn’t been replaced, your pipes may be steel or copper, as well, and you may need to think about pipe replacement or repiping.


Emergency Plumbing Edmonds

Sometimes emergency plumbing needs have come up unexpectedly. Often something that seemed small has become disastrous overnight. No matter the time of day, we are proud to offer 24 hour emergency plumbing services as well, and can provide reviews of exactly what you'll need. It’s always a better idea to get plumber repairs under control as quickly as possible to make sure the least amount of damage is done. We have experienced plumbers that are:

  • available 24/7
  • ready with supplies
  • able to fix any number of plumbing problems

The local Edmonds and Lynnwood area can rely on the plumbers at our business to resolve your plumbing repairs, installation and maintenance.

Trusted Plumbing & Heating is available at (206) 208-0007 for more about plumbing service in Edmonds Washington.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Trusted Plumbing & Heating believe in good quality work at a fair price. Here are a few examples. We charge $49.78 for diagnostics and service of a clogged toilet throughout Seattle. Diagnostics can always be applied to any additional work if needed. The average cost for a water heater incl. service in Seattle is $1150 (electric) $1250 (standard gas) incl. installation (as is). A half horse garbage disposal installed runs about $450. This will depend on exact circumstances. Please give us a call for a personalized estimate (206) 472-7979.

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