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Not sure where to start? View the Top 10 Common Plumbing Problems we work on most frequently, and the price ranges for them! Otherwise, keep scrolling to read through our in-depth price database.
Drain Stoppages > Video & Line Locating
Locate Sewer Line$461.46
Locate Sewer Clean Out Slab Floor$501.48
Drain Stoppages > Slow Drain Problems - Diagnoses
Slow Drains Entire House City Sewer$243.72
Slow Drains Entire House Septic$336.24
Slow Drain One to Two Fixtures$195.00
Sewer Odor City Sewer$248.58
Sewer Odor Septic System$361.44
Drain Stoppages > Main Line Stoppages
Main Line Root Cutting & Root Treatment$1,648.80
Main Line – Thru Outside Clean Out 1ST Bail$406.14
Main Line – Thru Toilet Flange Out 1ST Bail$657.24
Main Line – Thru Vent Up To 75′$550.86
Drain Stoppages > Kitchen Sink Stoppages
Kitchen Sink Thru Outside Clean Out$333.72
Kitchen Sink 1 Trap$351.54
Kitchen Sink 2 Trap$424.68
Kitchen Sink Thru Vent *$478.50
Air Gap Line Stoppage$333.72
Drain Stoppages > Lavatory Stoppages
Lav Stoppage – Thru Vent *$478.50
Lav Stoppage – Out Side Clean Out$333.72
Lav Stoppage – Thru Pop Up$261.36
Lav Stoppage – Remove Trap$348.60
Drain Stoppages > Toilet Stoppages
Toilet Stop w/Auger$310.08
Toilet Stop W/Plunger$310.08
Pull Toilet Remove Object$644.76
De-Calcify Urinal or Closet Bowl$816.00
Drain Stoppages > Tub & Shower Stoppages
Shower Stoppage-Thru Drain & Trap$333.72
Shower Stoppage-Thru Vent *$478.50
Tub Stoppage-Thru Wst & Over$333.72
Tub Stoppage-Thru Vent *$478.50
Drain Stoppages > Laundry Stoppages
Laundry Stoppage – Thru Vent *$390.90
Laundry Stoppage – Thru Clean Out$333.72
Laundry Stoppage – Remove Trap$449.04
Drain Stoppages > Bar Sink Stoppages
Bar Sink – Remove Trap$341.16
Bar Sink – Through Clean Out$333.72
Bar Sink – Through Vent *$478.50
Drain Stoppages > Condensate Drain Stoppages
Condensate Drain-Res 1 Story Home$478.50
Condensate Line-Res 2 Story Home$768.06
Drain Stoppages > Septic Tanks - Enclosed Lid For Inspection
Unearth Septic Tank Lid-By Hand$439.08
Unearth Septic Tank Lid-By Equipment$722.34
Drain Stoppages > Drain Line & Septic Chemical Treatments
2 LBS Bio-Clean Enzyme-Flow Enhancer$129.18
2 LBS Root Treatment, Prevents Rapid Root Regr$429.48
Drain Treat-Grease/Soap Flow Enhancer-1qt$391.68
Mineral Deposite Chemical Treatment 1QT$388.38
Drain Stoppages > Hydro-Jetting Drain Line Cleaning - Ask for Jetting Maintenance Contracts!
Hydro-Jett 1 1/2″ – 2″ Line-Up To 100′$702.18
Hydro-Jett 3″ – 4″ Line-Up To 100′$994.62
Hydro-Jett 6″-8″ Line-Up To 100′$2,237.58
Drain Line Repairs > Drain/Sewer Line Testing
Whole House D.W.V. Smoke Test-1 Stry$1,024.32
Whole House D.W.V. Smoke Test-2 Stry$1,587.72
Whole House D.W.V. Water Test-1 Stry$2,464.44
Whole House D.W.V. Water Test 2-Stry$3,653.10
Die Test 4″ or Larger Drain$711.24
Drain Line Repairs > Waste & Overflow Repairs
Repl Waste & Overflow-Premier Pol/Brass$1,344.00
Repl Waste & Overflow-Stand Pol/Brass$1,268.52
Reple Trip Lever Cover Plate & Bolts$359.76
Reple Tub Tip/Toe Drain Stopper$349.32
Conv Tub Trip/Waste To Lift & Twist-Chrome$705.12
Conv Tub Trip/Waste To Lift & Twist-Pol/Brass$874.56
Repl Waste & Overflow-Premier Chrome$1,035.36
Repl Waste & Overflow-Stand Chrome$1,031.76
Drain Line Repairs > Shower Drain Repairs
Replace P-Trap Tub/Shower$677.58
Replace Shower Drain-Brass$716.04
Replace Trap & Waste Arm$520.02
Replace Tile in Style Shower Drain$515.76
Replace Shower Drain-Plastic$678.54
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Leak Repairs
Repair Drain Line Under House$1,132.26
Repair Drain Line through Outside Wall$995.94
Repair Drain Line Under Dirt-Up to 3′ deep$1,604.52
Repair Drain Line Under Cement-Up to 3′ deep$2,765.22
Lower Kitchen Sink Drain Line$968.76
Repair Drain Line in Wall – Patching EXTRA$837.30
Repair Drain Line in Wall, under cabinet$1,081.02
Repair Drain Line in Ceiling – Patching EXTRA$961.26
Repair Drain Line Between Floors$1,263.66
Repair Drain Line in Basement$595.62
Repair Drain Line Under Mobile Home$678.66
Trap & Standpipe for Washing Machine$679.26
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Line Underground - per foot ADD-ONS
Add 4″ Plst Drn Undr Grd p/f$83.16
Add 1.5″ Plst Drn Undr Grd p/f$50.34
Add 2″ Plst Drn Undr Grd p/f$60.60
Add 3″ Plst Drn Undr Grd p/f$76.92
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Line Repairs - Copper - must be exposed an accessible
Replace 1.5″ Copper Drain Line upto 5′$741.90
Replace 2″ Copper Drain Line upto 5′$805.14
Replace 3″ Copper Drain Line upto 5′$1,020.66
Replace 4″ Copper Drain Line upto 5′$1,236.60
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Line Repairs - Plastic - must be exposed an accessible
Replace 4″ Plastic Sewer Line upto 5′$923.58
Replace 1.5″ Plastic Drain Line upto 5′$670.38
Replace 2″ Plastic Drain Line upto 5′$746.70
Replace 3″ Plastic Sewer Line upto 5′$835.98
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Lines Repair - Underground - Excavating/Backfilling upto 2' deep
Replace 4″ Plst Drn Grd Up To 5′$1,235.88
Replace 1.5″ Plst Drn Grd Up To 5′$882.30
Replace 2″ Plst Drn Grd Up To 5′$966.06
Replace 3″ Plst Drn Grd Up To 5′$1,133.40
Drain Line Repairs > Drain System Repipes per current building codes
Raised Floor-1 BA, Kit, & Laundry$4,828.32
Raised Floor-2 BA, Kit, & Laundry$7,850.16
Raised Floor-2 BA, Kit, Laundry, & 1 Extra fix$8,413.32
Raised Floor-4 BA, Kit, Laundry, & 1 Extra fix$11,665.68
Raised Floor-3 BA, Kit, Laundry, & 1 Extra fix$10,024.68
Raised Floor-4 BA, Kit, Laundry, & 2 Extra fix$14,348.58
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Lines - Plastic Exposed - per foot ADD-ONS
Add 2″ Plst Expos Drn Ln p/f$16.68
Add 3″ Plst Expos Drn Ln p/f$23.28
Add 4″ Plst Exposed Drn Ln p/f$29.52
Add 1.5″ Plst Expos Drn Ln p/f$13.74
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Dishwashers
Drill S.S Sink for Air Gap$153.54
Remove Dishwasher$158.64
Hot Wtr Supply to Dishwasher to 8′$400.32
Dishwasher Hook up-up to 8′$566.34
Replace Air Gap-Plastic, Hole Exists$406.62
Replace Air Gap-Copper$390.90
Split Hot Water Shut Off For Dishwasher (2)$547.08
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Gas Range
Gas Range Retrofit Hard Pipe to Flex Style$568.14
Gas Range Remove & Re-Install$1,393.56
Gas Appliance Disconnect$341.64
Gas Range or Cooktop Hookup – 4 ft$548.34
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Ice Makers
Filter for Ice Maker Water Line-Disposable$444.48
Install Ice Maker Box, Existing Water within 8′$1,167.00
Replace Existing Ice Maker Box$672.06
3 Way Emergency Shut Off 1/2″$93.78
Connect Ice Maker, Box, Valve & Lines$553.08
Connect Ice Maker To Existing Refrigerator Box$386.64
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Hot Water Dispensers
Insta-Hot, Hot Water Dispenser – Indulge$941.94
Insta-Hot, Hot Water Dispenser – HOT100$795.72
Quick and Hot – Hot Water Dispenser$955.50
Quick and Hot – Hot & Cold Water Dispenser$955.50
Dispenser Install Kit – Valve& Water Line$448.68
Pressure Regulator – Hot Water Dispenser$446.22
Insta-Hot, Hot Water Dispenser – Contour$1,079.88
Insta-Hot, Hot Water Dispenser – Classic$890.16
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Washing Machine
Replace Washing Machine Valves (2)$543.72
Sngl Handle Wash Machine Shutoff – Exposed$656.10
Trap & Standpipe for Washing Machine$679.26
Install Washing Machine, Existing hookups, Reuse$665.94
Disconnect/Remove/Re-Intstall Wash/Dryer, Existing$800.16
Dual Valve Washing Machine Box$734.64
Washing Machine Hose Bib (1)$388.68
Sngl Handle wash Machine Shutoff-New Box$1,170.42
Washing Machine No Burst Hoses (2)$420.36
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied Kitchen Items
Install Customer Kitchen Faucet-Non Standard$434.34
Install Customer Garbage Disposal$356.34
Install Customer Drain Parts Kit/Sink-Minor$366.30
Install Customer Drain Parts Kit/Sink-Major$497.94
Install Customer Insa-Hot$517.32
Install Customer R.O System$687.84
Install Customer Kitchen Sink-Self Rim$951.36
Install Customer Kitchen Sink-Rim Type$1,253.76
Install Customer Sink Accessories – Sink Already$805.14
Install Customer Kitchen Faucet-Standard$361.20
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied Bathroom Items
Install Customer Assembled Vanity$648.96
Assemble Vanity Cabinet$224.34
Install Customer Toilet$464.64
Install Customer Toilet Parts$341.64
Install Customer Flapper Valve$190.44
Install Customer Toilet Seat$195.36
Install Customer Pedestral Lav Sink$941.46
Install Customer Lav Faucet$439.92
Install Customer Lav Faucet-Wide Spread$492.84
Install Customer Lav Sink-Rim Type$669.18
Install Customer Lav Sink-Self Rim$551.46
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied - Tub & Showers
Install Customer Steel Bath Tub$961.68
Install Customer Cast Iron 5′ Bath Tub$1,153.14
Install Customer Shower Pan-No Mortor$503.34
Install Customer Shower Pan-Req. Mortor Bed$822.06
Install Customer Sectional T/S Unit-Fiber$2,195.52
Install Customer Shwr Sectional-Fiberglass$1,873.38
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied - Gas Valve & Thermocouples
Install Customer Thermalcouple-None Flame Guard$356.88
Install Customer Thermalcouple-Flame Guard$430.02
Install Customer Res.Gas Control Valve-Gas Wtr$434.94
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied - Water Filter or Softener
Install Customer Water Filter$658.08
Install Customer Water Softener$722.70
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Continuous Waste
1 1/2″ Flanged Tail Piece 17G$48.66
Add’I Plst Slip Joint Nut$12.24
Add’I 1 1/2″ Chr Slip Joint Nut$14.70
5/8″ or 7/8″ Dishwasher Hose P/F$6.54
1 1/2″ Plastic Extension Piece$17.64
1 1/2″ SJ Ext. 17GA$52.56
1 1/4″ Threaded Tail Piece 17G$37.74
1 1/2″ Plastic Tail Piece$14.76
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Disposers Add-On's Special - Only With Fixture Replacement
Disposer Add-On – Air Switch$151.44
Disposer Add-On 1 H.P. Premier$462.18
Disposer Add-On 3/4 H.P. Standard$312.84
Disposer Add-On 1/2 H.P. Budget$190.32
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Kitchen Premier - Chrome
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle W/O Spray – Premier$668.34
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle W/Spray – Premier$681.48
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle Hi-Rise W/Spray – Pr$847.02
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle Pull Out Spray – Pre$944.22
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle Pull Out Spray-Hi Ri$1,072.92
Kitchen/Laundry Faucet Single Handle Wall Mount$632.28
Water Filter – Faucet DUPONT$528.72
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Bathroom Premier - Chrome
Single Handle Shower Val &Body Sprays Chrome$1,095.66
Diverter Valve In Wall Hand Held Shower – Premie$652.74
Single Handle T/S Valve – Premier$904.98
2 Handle W/S Lavatory Faucet – Premier$868.74
Single Handle Lavatory Faucet -Premier$684.18
Single Handle Showr Faucet Temp/Vol Control -P$1,321.02
Single Handle T/S Faucet Vol/Temp Control – Pren$1,338.36
Single Handle T/S & Body Sprays-Chrome Premie$1,691.28
Single Handle T/S & Body Sprays Chrome- Remo$1,126.50
Single Handle Shower Val &Body Sprays Chrome$1,660.44
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Bathroom Standard - Chrome
Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle – Standard$643.02
Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle W/S – Standard$810.60
Shower Faucet Single Handle – Standard$1,185.66
Tub & Faucet Single Handle – Standard$1,200.54
Tub/Shower Valve Standard REMODEL$845.22
Faucet Installs > Shower Systems - Hand Held Shwr Standard - Chrome
Shower Head Chrome – Standard$158.16
Hand Held Shwr System – Standard$703.38
Hand Held Shower Arm Diverter – Standard$314.16
Hand Held Shower Mount Pin – Standard$252.30
Hand Held Tub Diverter Spout – Standard$408.72
Hand Held Shower 24″ Glide Rail – Standard$350.58
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Kitchen Budget - Chrome
Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle W/O Spray – Budget$464.64
Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle W/Spray – Budget$479.46
Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle Wall Mount Smth Chrome$483.18
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Lavatory Budget - Chrome
Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle W/Pop-Up – Budget$467.70
Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle W/O Pop-Up – Budget$401.04
Lavatory Faucet 2Handle Wal Mount Rgh Chrome$447.66
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Addons - Premier
Add On Premier Kit Fct Sgl Hdi P/O Spray$311.82
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle HiRise w/ Spray – Pre$378.60
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle P/O HiRise Spray – P$440.46
AddOn Water Filter Faucet Premier$251.22
AddOn Lavatory Faucet 1 Handle – Premier$190.14
AddOn Lavatory Faucet W/S – Premier$239.22
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle w/o Spray – Premier$242.94
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle w/ Spray – Premier$269.16
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Addons - Standard
AddOn Water Filter Faucet 2 Handle – Standard$93.06
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle w/ Spray – Standard$202.56
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle W/O Spray – Standar$141.66
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle w/ Spray – Standard$174.66
AddOn Laundry Faucet 2 Handle Deck Mount – Stand$144.54
AddOn Bar Faucet 2 Handle – Standard$178.50
AddOn Lavatory Faucet W/Spread – Standard$180.66
AddOn Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle – Standard$178.50
AddOn Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle w/Pop-Up – Standar$72.42
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle W/O Spray – Standar$171.24
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Addons - Budget
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle W/O Spray – Budget$79.20
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle w/ Spray – Budget$84.18
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle Pull Out – Budget$58.62
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs
Misc 2 Hdl Lav/Kit Fct Repair$429.60
Replace Chronie Pop-Up Assembly$441.84
Replace Pop-Up Assembly – Polished Brass$550.98
Misc. Fct Repair-Gaskets Only**$361.86
Misc 1Hdl Lav/Kit Fct Repair$439.50
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Resets
Reset Lavatory Faucet Wide Spread$570.90
Reset Kitchen Faucet Body Style$371.76
Reset Kitchen Faucet Wide Spread$644.04
Reset Lavatory Faucet Body Style$366.18
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Pull-Out Spray
Pull Out Fct Hose Repl-Fitt All$517.74
Replace Faucet Spray & Hose$394.02
Replace Faucet Spray$278.40
Faucet Repairs > Areators
Areator – Chrome$168.78
Areator – Polished Brass$171.12
Areator – Swing & Spray$245.34
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Delta
Delta 1 Handle Tub/Shower Press.Bal Faucet Repair$547.68
Delta 1 Handle Tub/Shower Single Press.Bal Fauc$547.68
Delta Lavatory-Tub/Shower Crystal Handle$223.14
Delta Tub/Shower Lever Handle (1)$211.02
Delta Tub/Shower Lever Handle Pre/Bal (1)$224.76
Delta 10″ Spout For 100 Style$329.46
Delta 12″ Spout For 100 Style$326.16
Delta 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet Repair$336.42
Delta Kitchen Faucet Pull-Out Spout$362.88
Delta 1 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$349.74
Delta 2 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$336.42
Delta 1 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$430.02
Delta 2 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$489.78
Delta 3 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$493.20
Delta 1Handle Tub/Shower Press.Bal &Vol/Temp$547.68
Delta 1 Handle Kitchen Faucet Repair$355.74
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - MOEN Lavatory
Moen 2 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$386.58
Moen Lavatory Handle Crystal (1)$220.14
Moen 1 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$407.70
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - MOEN Tub/Shower
Moen 3 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$532.44
Moen Tub/Shower Handle Crystal (1)$230.04
Moen 1 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$485.76
Moen 1 Handle Tub/Shower Press.Bal Faucet Repa$639.36
Moen 2 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$462.18
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Crane
Crane Dialeze Faucet Repair$386.28
Crane 2 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$456.48
Crane 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet Repair$463.86
Crane 2 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$732.72
Crane 3 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$830.64
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Eljer
Eljer 1 Handle Lav/Kitchen Faucet Repair$391.56
Eljer 1 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$512.64
Eljer 2 Handle Lav/Kitchen Faucet Repair$381.66
Eljer 2 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$547.26
Eljer 3 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$594.30
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Misc Tub & Shower
Tub Spout Only Chrome Standard$280.44
Tub Spout Stand-Pol Brass$495.96
Tub Spout W/ Diverter-Pol Brass$527.82
Shower Head Chrome – Standard$414.54
Shower Head Chrome – Premier$505.38
Shower Head Chrome – Budget$370.26
Replace Shower Arm & Flange-Chr 6″$372.18
Repl Shwr Arm & Flange-Pol Brass 6″$477.60
Budget Shwr Head-Pol Brass$418.74
Stand Shwr Head-Pol Brass$467.04
Premier Shwr Head-Pol Brass$541.44
Tub Spout W/ Diverter Chrm-Stand$332.88
Misc 1 Hdl Tub/Shwr Fct Repair$520.08
Misc 2 Hdl Tub/Shwr Fct Repair$532.44
Misc 3 Hdl Tub/Shwr Fct Repair$547.26
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Sink - Kitchen
Kitchen Sink SS 22 GA$1,039.08
Kitchen Sink Porc/Steel$1,316.28
Kitchen Sink Cast Iron White$1,698.06
Kitchen Sink SS 18 GA$1,768.38
Kitchen Sink SS 20 GA$1,738.44
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Sink - Kitchen Complete Package
Kitchen Sink SS w Faucet & 3/4 HP Disposal$1,946.04
Kitchen Snik Porc/Stel wFaucet &21/ PH Dispos$1,375.74
Kitchen Sink SS wFaucet &1/2 HP Disposal$1,323.78
Kitchen Sink Cast Iron w Faucet & 1 HP Disposal$2,423.58
Kitchen Sink SS w Faucet & 1 HP Disposal$2,489.04
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Sink - Bar
Bar Sink Stainless Steel 15×15″, 1Hole$821.34
Bar Sink Stainless Steel 15″, 2 Hole$821.34
Bar Sink Stainless Steel 15×12-3/4″ 18ga$821.34
Bar Sink Stainless Steel 15″x15″x6″, 2 Hole Top M$634.14
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Bathtubs
Re-Inst Tub Cast Iron-No W/O$829.14
Bathtub Cast Iron 5′ White$1,968.84
Bathtub Porc/Steel 5′ White$1,437.00
Re-Inst Tub Steel/Fiber-No W/O$609.78
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Tub/Shower Units - Fiberglass
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 32″x32″$5,039.64
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 34″×34″$5,342.34
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 36″x34″$5,467.38
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 48″x34″$5,737.92
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 60″x34″ 2 Seats$6,171.90
Tub/Shower 4 Piece Remodel 60″x36″$6,220.98
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Vanity Installations
Budget 24″ X 18″ Vanity Base w/Top, 2 Door$1,162.02
Budget 36″ X 18″ Vanity Base w/Top, 2 Door/2Drw$1,325.94
Budget 30″ X 18″ Vanity Base w/Top, 2 Door$1,221.96
Budget 19″ X17″ Vanity Base w/Top,Sngl Door$1,090.86
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Softeners
Metered 45 000 Grain H20 Softener$1,960.74
Metered 60 000 Grain H20 Softener$1,960.74
Metered 30 000 Grain H20 Softener$1,960.74
Metered 75 000 Grain H20 Softener$1,960.74
Yearly Softener Inspection Visit$356.88
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Softener Repairs
Main Valve Cleaning$522.54
Wtr Sftnr Venturi Cleaning$419.70
50 lbs Bag Salt Pellets-Ea$117.30
Neutralite 50 LBS Bag-Ea$190.44
Replace Valve Dry Motor$496.44
Clean Independed Salt Tank$497.76
Clean Comb. Salt Cabnet$751.80
Replace H20 Transformer$453.42
Replace Brine Valve$521.58
Wtr Sftnr Brrine Valve Cleaning$411.36
Water Softener Drain-Major$738.78
Water Softener Drain-Minor$411.72
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Dispenser Drill Hole
Drill Hole for Water Dispenser CI or SS$581.04
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Filter Repairs
Water Filter – Faucet DUPONT$528.72
Water Filter – Faucet CULLIGAN$503.64
Filter Bypass – 3 Ball Valves 3/4″$711.84
Filter Bypass – 3 Ball Valves 1″$853.08
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Filter Cartridge Replacement
R.O. Pre Post Fltr (2)$436.98
R.O. Membrane-North Star$460.26
R.O. Membrane Aqua Pure 5000 – DISCONTINUED$665.16
R.O. Membrane Aqua Pure 5500$361.86
R.O. Membrane – Compact Style – DISCONTINUED$488.70
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Minimum Work & Assistants Required
Additional Technician 1$297.48
Additional Technician 2$589.98
Additional Technician 3$1,174.98
Assistant Required$147.66
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Access Panel Installs
Cut Open 3′ x 3′ Sheetrock$195.36
Cut Open 3′ x 3′ Formica$366.78
Cut Open 3′ x 3′ Tile, *No Guarantee On Chipping$378.12
Cut Open 3′ x 3′ Plaster, *No Guarantee on Wall Cracking$346.56
Cut 3′ x 3′ Attic Access-Sheet Rock$589.74
Cut 3′ x 3′ Under House Access-Raised Floor$715.80
Access Panel Plastic 6″ x 9″ Install$357.12
Access Panel Plastic 14″ x 14″ Install$367.86
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Floor Repairs - Includes: Removal of up to specified area
Replace Up To A 5′ x 7′ Section of Top Lament$790.02
Replace Up To A 3′ x 3′ Section of Sub-Floor$752.94
Replace Up To A 5′ x 5′ Section of Sub-Floor$1,132.02
Replace Up To A 2′ x 2′ Section of Top Lament$529.02
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Wall Drop-In & Fire Blocking
Drop In Plaster Interior Wall – Each$126.84
Drop In Exterior Wall – Each$336.72
Fire Blocking Per Wall$239.22
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Pot Hole Underground Utilities - Expose using spoil vacuum machine
Expose Utility in Dirt or Grass, Medium – 3 areas$800.28
Expose Utility in Dirt or Grass, Major – 6 areas$1,365.06
Expose Utility Under Concrete/Asphalt, Minor – 1$873.30
Expose Utility Under Concrete/Asphalt, Medium – 3$1,218.54
Expose Utility Under Concrete/Asphalt, Major – 6$1,730.28
Expose Utility in Dirt or Grass, Minor – 1 area$633.84
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Excavation - By Hand - Price Includes Assistant
Assistant Hand Excavate 1′ x 50′ x 18″$1,081.56
Assistant Hand Excavate 1′ x 100′ x 18″$2,090.04
Assistant Hand Excavate 1′ x 150′ x 18″$3,055.92
Excavate by Hand 5′ x 5′ x 4′ Deep Hole$756.00
Excavate by Hand 6′ x 6′ x 5′ Deep Hole$902.28
Assistant Hand Excavate 1′ x 10′ x 18″$595.92
Excavate by Hand 2′ x 2′ x 1′ Deep Hole$205.14
Excavate by Hand 3′ x 3′ x 2′ Deep Hole$390.42
Excavate by Hand 4′ x 4′ x 3′ Deep Hole$609.78
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Digging & Backfilling
Sod Cut & Removed & Reinstalled Up to 50′$680.34
Roto Tiller Trench Line New Sod 50′$1,031.70
Backfill To Finish Planter/Grnd Cover$790.26
Heavy Root Infestation-Remove & Level$883.86
Roto Tiller Trench Line & Seed Yard$863.22
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Digging & Backfilling - Add-Ons
Additional Depth Per Foot$132.06
Backfill Sand-Per Yard$111.00
Backfill Pea/Gravel-Per Yard$92.46
Backfill Top Soil-Per Yard$109.44
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Excavation - Mechanical
Excavate Mechanical 6′ x 6′ x 5′$1,584.60
Mech. Exc. Remove Soil Up To A 4′ x 4′ x 3′ Deep Hole$1,652.64
Mech. Exc. Remove Soil Up To A 5′ x 5′ x 4′ Deep Hole$1,945.14
Mech. Exc. Remove Soil Up To A 6′ x 6′ x 5′ Deep Hole$2,271.66
Excavate Up To 3′ x 3′ x 2′ Deep Pit$502.50
Excavate Mechanical 4′ x 4′ x 3′ Deep Hole$999.60
Excavate Mechanical 5′ x 5′ x 4′ Deep Hole$1,292.10
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Cement and Asphalt Removal
Rem Up To 3′ x3′ x3″ Thick Cement Or Asphalt$560.88
Rem Up To 4′ x4′ x3″ Thick Cement Or Asphalt$707.10
Rem Up To 5′ x5′ x3″ Thick Cement Or Asphalt$999.60
Rem Up To 6′ x6′ x3″ Thick Cement Or Asphalt$1,166.04
Cut Concrete/Asphalt per foot$53.70
Haul Away Dirt Mud-Per Yard$248.46
Haul Away Asphalt/Conrete-Per Yard$415.98
Cut Concrete/Asphalt Up To 10°$398.34
Concrete/Asphalt Removal Up To 3’x2 sqr$707.10
Concrete/Asphalt Removal 1’x1’×3″ Deep Ea$144.12
Jackhammer 3’x3′$78.12
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Water Heater - Haul Off
Haul Off Water Heater – Sidewalk$231.78
Haul Off Water Heater – Difficult Dirt$378.00
Haul Off Water Heater – Upstairs$451.14