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Price List

Drain Stoppages > Video & Line Locating
Locate Sewer Line$461.46
Locate Sewer Clean Out Slab Floor$501.48
Drain Stoppages > Slow Drain Problems - Diagnoses
Slow Drains Entire House City Sewer$243.72
Slow Drains Entire House Septic$336.24
Slow Drain One to Two Fixtures$195.00
Sewer Odor City Sewer$248.58
Sewer Odor Septic System$361.44
Drain Stoppages > Main Line Stoppages
Main Line Root Cutting & Root Treatment$1,648.80
Main Line - Thru Outside Clean Out 1ST Bail$406.14
Main Line - Thru Toilet Flange Out 1ST Bail$657.24
Main Line - Thru Vent Up To 75'$550.86
Drain Stoppages > Kitchen Sink Stoppages
Kitchen Sink Thru Outside Clean Out$333.72
Kitchen Sink 1 Trap$351.54
Kitchen Sink 2 Trap$424.68
Kitchen Sink Thru Vent *$478.50
Air Gap Line Stoppage$333.72
Drain Stoppages > Lavatory Stoppages
Lav Stoppage - Thru Vent *$478.50
Lav Stoppage - Out Side Clean Out$333.72
Lav Stoppage - Thru Pop Up$261.36
Lav Stoppage - Remove Trap$348.60
Drain Stoppages > Toilet Stoppages
Toilet Stop w/Auger$310.08
Toilet Stop W/Plunger$310.08
Pull Toilet Remove Object$644.76
De-Calcify Urinal or Closet Bowl$816.00
Drain Stoppages > Tub & Shower Stoppages
Shower Stoppage-Thru Drain & Trap$333.72
Shower Stoppage-Thru Vent *$478.50
Tub Stoppage-Thru Wst & Over$333.72
Tub Stoppage-Thru Vent *$478.50
Drain Stoppages > Laundry Stoppages
Laundry Stoppage - Thru Vent *$390.90
Laundry Stoppage - Thru Clean Out$333.72
Laundry Stoppage - Remove Trap$449.04
Drain Stoppages > Bar Sink Stoppages
Bar Sink - Remove Trap$341.16
Bar Sink - Through Clean Out$333.72
Bar Sink - Through Vent *$478.50
Drain Stoppages > Condensate Drain Stoppages
Condensate Drain-Res 1 Story Home$478.50
Condensate Line-Res 2 Story Home$768.06
Drain Stoppages > Septic Tanks - Enclosed Lid For Inspection
Unearth Septic Tank Lid-By Hand$439.08
Unearth Septic Tank Lid-By Equipment$722.34
Drain Stoppages > Drain Line & Septic Chemical Treatments
2 LBS Bio-Clean Enzyme-Flow Enhancer$129.18
2 LBS Root Treatment, Prevents Rapid Root Regr$429.48
Drain Treat-Grease/Soap Flow Enhancer-1qt$391.68
Mineral Deposite Chemical Treatment 1QT$388.38
Drain Stoppages > Hydro-Jetting Drain Line Cleaning - Ask for Jetting Maintenance Contracts!
Hydro-Jett 1 1/2" - 2" Line-Up To 100'$702.18
Hydro-Jett 3" - 4" Line-Up To 100'$994.62
Hydro-Jett 6"-8" Line-Up To 100'$2,237.58
Drain Line Repairs > Drain/Sewer Line Testing
Whole House D.W.V. Smoke Test-1 Stry$1,024.32
Whole House D.W.V. Smoke Test-2 Stry$1,587.72
Whole House D.W.V. Water Test-1 Stry$2,464.44
Whole House D.W.V. Water Test 2-Stry$3,653.10
Die Test 4" or Larger Drain$711.24
Drain Line Repairs > Waste & Overflow Repairs
Repl Waste & Overflow-Premier Pol/Brass$1,344.00
Repl Waste & Overflow-Stand Pol/Brass$1,268.52
Reple Trip Lever Cover Plate & Bolts$359.76
Reple Tub Tip/Toe Drain Stopper$349.32
Conv Tub Trip/Waste To Lift & Twist-Chrome$705.12
Conv Tub Trip/Waste To Lift & Twist-Pol/Brass$874.56
Repl Waste & Overflow-Premier Chrome$1,035.36
Repl Waste & Overflow-Stand Chrome$1,031.76
Drain Line Repairs > Shower Drain Repairs
Replace P-Trap Tub/Shower$677.58
Replace Shower Drain-Brass$716.04
Replace Trap & Waste Arm$520.02
Replace Tile in Style Shower Drain$515.76
Replace Shower Drain-Plastic$678.54
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Leak Repairs
Repair Drain Line Under House$1,132.26
Repair Drain Line through Outside Wall$995.94
Repair Drain Line Under Dirt-Up to 3' deep$1,604.52
Repair Drain Line Under Cement-Up to 3' deep$2,765.22
Lower Kitchen Sink Drain Line$968.76
Repair Drain Line in Wall - Patching EXTRA$837.30
Repair Drain Line in Wall, under cabinet$1,081.02
Repair Drain Line in Ceiling - Patching EXTRA$961.26
Repair Drain Line Between Floors$1,263.66
Repair Drain Line in Basement$595.62
Repair Drain Line Under Mobile Home$678.66
Trap & Standpipe for Washing Machine$679.26
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Line Underground - per foot ADD-ONS
Add 4" Plst Drn Undr Grd p/f$83.16
Add 1.5" Plst Drn Undr Grd p/f$50.34
Add 2" Plst Drn Undr Grd p/f$60.60
Add 3" Plst Drn Undr Grd p/f$76.92
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Line Repairs - Copper - must be exposed an accessible
Replace 1.5" Copper Drain Line upto 5'$741.90
Replace 2" Copper Drain Line upto 5'$805.14
Replace 3" Copper Drain Line upto 5'$1,020.66
Replace 4" Copper Drain Line upto 5'$1,236.60
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Line Repairs - Plastic - must be exposed an accessible
Replace 4" Plastic Sewer Line upto 5'$923.58
Replace 1.5" Plastic Drain Line upto 5'$670.38
Replace 2" Plastic Drain Line upto 5'$746.70
Replace 3" Plastic Sewer Line upto 5'$835.98
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Lines Repair - Underground - Excavating/Backfilling upto 2' deep
Replace 4" Plst Drn Grd Up To 5'$1,235.88
Replace 1.5" Plst Drn Grd Up To 5'$882.30
Replace 2" Plst Drn Grd Up To 5'$966.06
Replace 3" Plst Drn Grd Up To 5'$1,133.40
Drain Line Repairs > Drain System Repipes per current building codes
Raised Floor-1 BA, Kit, & Laundry$4,828.32
Raised Floor-2 BA, Kit, & Laundry$7,850.16
Raised Floor-2 BA, Kit, Laundry, & 1 Extra fix$8,413.32
Raised Floor-4 BA, Kit, Laundry, & 1 Extra fix$11,665.68
Raised Floor-3 BA, Kit, Laundry, & 1 Extra fix$10,024.68
Raised Floor-4 BA, Kit, Laundry, & 2 Extra fix$14,348.58
Drain Line Repairs > Drain Lines - Plastic Exposed - per foot ADD-ONS
Add 2" Plst Expos Drn Ln p/f$16.68
Add 3" Plst Expos Drn Ln p/f$23.28
Add 4" Plst Exposed Drn Ln p/f$29.52
Add 1.5" Plst Expos Drn Ln p/f$13.74
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Dishwashers
Drill S.S Sink for Air Gap$153.54
Remove Dishwasher$158.64
Hot Wtr Supply to Dishwasher to 8'$400.32
Dishwasher Hook up-up to 8'$566.34
Replace Air Gap-Plastic, Hole Exists$406.62
Replace Air Gap-Copper$390.90
Split Hot Water Shut Off For Dishwasher (2)$547.08
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Gas Range
Gas Range Retrofit Hard Pipe to Flex Style$568.14
Gas Range Remove & Re-Install$1,393.56
Gas Appliance Disconnect$341.64
Gas Range or Cooktop Hookup - 4 ft$548.34
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Ice Makers
Filter for Ice Maker Water Line-Disposable$444.48
Install Ice Maker Box, Existing Water within 8'$1,167.00
Replace Existing Ice Maker Box$672.06
3 Way Emergency Shut Off 1/2"$93.78
Connect Ice Maker, Box, Valve & Lines$553.08
Connect Ice Maker To Existing Refrigerator Box$386.64
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Hot Water Dispensers
Insta-Hot, Hot Water Dispenser - Indulge$941.94
Insta-Hot, Hot Water Dispenser - HOT100$795.72
Quick and Hot - Hot Water Dispenser$955.50
Quick and Hot - Hot & Cold Water Dispenser$955.50
Dispenser Install Kit - Valve& Water Line$448.68
Pressure Regulator - Hot Water Dispenser$446.22
Insta-Hot, Hot Water Dispenser - Contour$1,079.88
Insta-Hot, Hot Water Dispenser - Classic$890.16
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Washing Machine
Replace Washing Machine Valves (2)$543.72
Sngl Handle Wash Machine Shutoff - Exposed$656.10
Trap & Standpipe for Washing Machine$679.26
Install Washing Machine, Existing hookups, Reuse$665.94
Disconnect/Remove/Re-Intstall Wash/Dryer, Existing$800.16
Dual Valve Washing Machine Box$734.64
Washing Machine Hose Bib (1)$388.68
Sngl Handle wash Machine Shutoff-New Box$1,170.42
Washing Machine No Burst Hoses (2)$420.36
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied Kitchen Items
Install Customer Kitchen Faucet-Non Standard$434.34
Install Customer Garbage Disposal$356.34
Install Customer Drain Parts Kit/Sink-Minor$366.30
Install Customer Drain Parts Kit/Sink-Major$497.94
Install Customer Insa-Hot$517.32
Install Customer R.O System$687.84
Install Customer Kitchen Sink-Self Rim$951.36
Install Customer Kitchen Sink-Rim Type$1,253.76
Install Customer Sink Accessories - Sink Already$805.14
Install Customer Kitchen Faucet-Standard$361.20
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied Bathroom Items
Install Customer Assembled Vanity$648.96
Assemble Vanity Cabinet$224.34
Install Customer Toilet$464.64
Install Customer Toilet Parts$341.64
Install Customer Flapper Valve$190.44
Install Customer Toilet Seat$195.36
Install Customer Pedestral Lav Sink$941.46
Install Customer Lav Faucet$439.92
Install Customer Lav Faucet-Wide Spread$492.84
Install Customer Lav Sink-Rim Type$669.18
Install Customer Lav Sink-Self Rim$551.46
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied - Tub & Showers
Install Customer Steel Bath Tub$961.68
Install Customer Cast Iron 5' Bath Tub$1,153.14
Install Customer Shower Pan-No Mortor$503.34
Install Customer Shower Pan-Req. Mortor Bed$822.06
Install Customer Sectional T/S Unit-Fiber$2,195.52
Install Customer Shwr Sectional-Fiberglass$1,873.38
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied - Gas Valve & Thermocouples
Install Customer Thermalcouple-None Flame Guard$356.88
Install Customer Thermalcouple-Flame Guard$430.02
Install Customer Res.Gas Control Valve-Gas Wtr$434.94
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Customer Supplied - Water Filter or Softener
Install Customer Water Filter$658.08
Install Customer Water Softener$722.70
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Continuous Waste
1 1/2" Flanged Tail Piece 17G$48.66
Add'I Plst Slip Joint Nut$12.24
Add'I 1 1/2" Chr Slip Joint Nut$14.70
5/8" or 7/8" Dishwasher Hose P/F$6.54
1 1/2" Plastic Extension Piece$17.64
1 1/2" SJ Ext. 17GA$52.56
1 1/4" Threaded Tail Piece 17G$37.74
1 1/2" Plastic Tail Piece$14.76
Appliances & Customer Supplied > Disposers Add-On's Special - Only With Fixture Replacement
Disposer Add-On - Air Switch$151.44
Disposer Add-On 1 H.P. Premier$462.18
Disposer Add-On 3/4 H.P. Standard$312.84
Disposer Add-On 1/2 H.P. Budget$190.32
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Kitchen Premier - Chrome
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle W/O Spray - Premier$668.34
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle W/Spray - Premier$681.48
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle Hi-Rise W/Spray - Pr$847.02
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle Pull Out Spray - Pre$944.22
Kitchen Faucet Single Handle Pull Out Spray-Hi Ri$1,072.92
Kitchen/Laundry Faucet Single Handle Wall Mount$632.28
Water Filter - Faucet DUPONT$528.72
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Bathroom Premier - Chrome
Single Handle Shower Val &Body Sprays Chrome$1,095.66
Diverter Valve In Wall Hand Held Shower - Premie$652.74
Single Handle T/S Valve - Premier$904.98
2 Handle W/S Lavatory Faucet - Premier$868.74
Single Handle Lavatory Faucet -Premier$684.18
Single Handle Showr Faucet Temp/Vol Control -P$1,321.02
Single Handle T/S Faucet Vol/Temp Control - Pren$1,338.36
Single Handle T/S & Body Sprays-Chrome Premie$1,691.28
Single Handle T/S & Body Sprays Chrome- Remo$1,126.50
Single Handle Shower Val &Body Sprays Chrome$1,660.44
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Bathroom Standard - Chrome
Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle - Standard$643.02
Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle W/S - Standard$810.60
Shower Faucet Single Handle - Standard$1,185.66
Tub & Faucet Single Handle - Standard$1,200.54
Tub/Shower Valve Standard REMODEL$845.22
Faucet Installs > Shower Systems - Hand Held Shwr Standard - Chrome
Shower Head Chrome - Standard$158.16
Hand Held Shwr System - Standard$703.38
Hand Held Shower Arm Diverter - Standard$314.16
Hand Held Shower Mount Pin - Standard$252.30
Hand Held Tub Diverter Spout - Standard$408.72
Hand Held Shower 24" Glide Rail - Standard$350.58
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Kitchen Budget - Chrome
Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle W/O Spray - Budget$464.64
Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle W/Spray - Budget$479.46
Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle Wall Mount Smth Chrome$483.18
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Lavatory Budget - Chrome
Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle W/Pop-Up - Budget$467.70
Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle W/O Pop-Up - Budget$401.04
Lavatory Faucet 2Handle Wal Mount Rgh Chrome$447.66
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Addons - Premier
Add On Premier Kit Fct Sgl Hdi P/O Spray$311.82
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle HiRise w/ Spray - Pre$378.60
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle P/O HiRise Spray - P$440.46
AddOn Water Filter Faucet Premier$251.22
AddOn Lavatory Faucet 1 Handle - Premier$190.14
AddOn Lavatory Faucet W/S - Premier$239.22
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle w/o Spray - Premier$242.94
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle w/ Spray - Premier$269.16
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Addons - Standard
AddOn Water Filter Faucet 2 Handle - Standard$93.06
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle w/ Spray - Standard$202.56
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle W/O Spray - Standar$141.66
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle w/ Spray - Standard$174.66
AddOn Laundry Faucet 2 Handle Deck Mount - Stand$144.54
AddOn Bar Faucet 2 Handle - Standard$178.50
AddOn Lavatory Faucet W/Spread - Standard$180.66
AddOn Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle - Standard$178.50
AddOn Lavatory Faucet 2 Handle w/Pop-Up - Standar$72.42
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 1Handle W/O Spray - Standar$171.24
Faucet Installs > Faucets - Addons - Budget
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle W/O Spray - Budget$79.20
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle w/ Spray - Budget$84.18
AddOn Kitchen Faucet 2 Handle Pull Out - Budget$58.62
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs
Misc 2 Hdl Lav/Kit Fct Repair$429.60
Replace Chronie Pop-Up Assembly$441.84
Replace Pop-Up Assembly - Polished Brass$550.98
Misc. Fct Repair-Gaskets Only**$361.86
Misc 1Hdl Lav/Kit Fct Repair$439.50
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Resets
Reset Lavatory Faucet Wide Spread$570.90
Reset Kitchen Faucet Body Style$371.76
Reset Kitchen Faucet Wide Spread$644.04
Reset Lavatory Faucet Body Style$366.18
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Pull-Out Spray
Pull Out Fct Hose Repl-Fitt All$517.74
Replace Faucet Spray & Hose$394.02
Replace Faucet Spray$278.40
Faucet Repairs > Areators
Areator - Chrome$168.78
Areator - Polished Brass$171.12
Areator - Swing & Spray$245.34
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Delta
Delta 1 Handle Tub/Shower Press.Bal Faucet Repair$547.68
Delta 1 Handle Tub/Shower Single Press.Bal Fauc$547.68
Delta Lavatory-Tub/Shower Crystal Handle$223.14
Delta Tub/Shower Lever Handle (1)$211.02
Delta Tub/Shower Lever Handle Pre/Bal (1)$224.76
Delta 10" Spout For 100 Style$329.46
Delta 12" Spout For 100 Style$326.16
Delta 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet Repair$336.42
Delta Kitchen Faucet Pull-Out Spout$362.88
Delta 1 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$349.74
Delta 2 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$336.42
Delta 1 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$430.02
Delta 2 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$489.78
Delta 3 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$493.20
Delta 1Handle Tub/Shower Press.Bal &Vol/Temp$547.68
Delta 1 Handle Kitchen Faucet Repair$355.74
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - MOEN Lavatory
Moen 2 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$386.58
Moen Lavatory Handle Crystal (1)$220.14
Moen 1 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$407.70
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - MOEN Tub/Shower
Moen 3 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$532.44
Moen Tub/Shower Handle Crystal (1)$230.04
Moen 1 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$485.76
Moen 1 Handle Tub/Shower Press.Bal Faucet Repa$639.36
Moen 2 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$462.18
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Crane
Crane Dialeze Faucet Repair$386.28
Crane 2 Handle Lavatory Faucet Repair$456.48
Crane 2 Handle Kitchen Faucet Repair$463.86
Crane 2 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$732.72
Crane 3 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$830.64
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Eljer
Eljer 1 Handle Lav/Kitchen Faucet Repair$391.56
Eljer 1 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$512.64
Eljer 2 Handle Lav/Kitchen Faucet Repair$381.66
Eljer 2 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$547.26
Eljer 3 Handle Tub/Shower Faucet Repair$594.30
Faucet Repairs > Faucet Repairs - Misc Tub & Shower
Tub Spout Only Chrome Standard$280.44
Tub Spout Stand-Pol Brass$495.96
Tub Spout W/ Diverter-Pol Brass$527.82
Shower Head Chrome - Standard$414.54
Shower Head Chrome - Premier$505.38
Shower Head Chrome - Budget$370.26
Replace Shower Arm & Flange-Chr 6"$372.18
Repl Shwr Arm & Flange-Pol Brass 6"$477.60
Budget Shwr Head-Pol Brass$418.74
Stand Shwr Head-Pol Brass$467.04
Premier Shwr Head-Pol Brass$541.44
Tub Spout W/ Diverter Chrm-Stand$332.88
Misc 1 Hdl Tub/Shwr Fct Repair$520.08
Misc 2 Hdl Tub/Shwr Fct Repair$532.44
Misc 3 Hdl Tub/Shwr Fct Repair$547.26
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Sink - Kitchen
Kitchen Sink SS 22 GA$1,039.08
Kitchen Sink Porc/Steel$1,316.28
Kitchen Sink Cast Iron White$1,698.06
Kitchen Sink SS 18 GA$1,768.38
Kitchen Sink SS 20 GA$1,738.44
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Sink - Kitchen Complete Package
Kitchen Sink SS w Faucet & 3/4 HP Disposal$1,946.04
Kitchen Snik Porc/Stel wFaucet &21/ PH Dispos$1,375.74
Kitchen Sink SS wFaucet &1/2 HP Disposal$1,323.78
Kitchen Sink Cast Iron w Faucet & 1 HP Disposal$2,423.58
Kitchen Sink SS w Faucet & 1 HP Disposal$2,489.04
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Sink - Bar
Bar Sink Stainless Steel 15x15", 1Hole$821.34
Bar Sink Stainless Steel 15", 2 Hole$821.34
Bar Sink Stainless Steel 15x12-3/4" 18ga$821.34
Bar Sink Stainless Steel 15"x15"x6", 2 Hole Top M$634.14
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Bathtubs
Re-Inst Tub Cast Iron-No W/O$829.14
Bathtub Cast Iron 5' White$1,968.84
Bathtub Porc/Steel 5' White$1,437.00
Re-Inst Tub Steel/Fiber-No W/O$609.78
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Tub/Shower Units - Fiberglass
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 32"x32"$5,039.64
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 34"×34"$5,342.34
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 36"x34"$5,467.38
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 48"x34"$5,737.92
Shower 4 Piece Remodel 60"x34" 2 Seats$6,171.90
Tub/Shower 4 Piece Remodel 60"x36"$6,220.98
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Vanity Installations
Budget 24" X 18" Vanity Base w/Top, 2 Door$1,162.02
Budget 36" X 18" Vanity Base w/Top, 2 Door/2Drw$1,325.94
Budget 30" X 18" Vanity Base w/Top, 2 Door$1,221.96
Budget 19" X17" Vanity Base w/Top,Sngl Door$1,090.86
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Softeners
Metered 45 000 Grain H20 Softener$1,960.74
Metered 60 000 Grain H20 Softener$1,960.74
Metered 30 000 Grain H20 Softener$1,960.74
Metered 75 000 Grain H20 Softener$1,960.74
Yearly Softener Inspection Visit$356.88
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Softener Repairs
Main Valve Cleaning$522.54
Wtr Sftnr Venturi Cleaning$419.70
50 lbs Bag Salt Pellets-Ea$117.30
Neutralite 50 LBS Bag-Ea$190.44
Replace Valve Dry Motor$496.44
Clean Independed Salt Tank$497.76
Clean Comb. Salt Cabnet$751.80
Replace H20 Transformer$453.42
Replace Brine Valve$521.58
Wtr Sftnr Brrine Valve Cleaning$411.36
Water Softener Drain-Major$738.78
Water Softener Drain-Minor$411.72
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Dispenser Drill Hole
Drill Hole for Water Dispenser CI or SS$581.04
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Filter Repairs
Water Filter - Faucet DUPONT$528.72
Water Filter - Faucet CULLIGAN$503.64
Filter Bypass - 3 Ball Valves 3/4"$711.84
Filter Bypass - 3 Ball Valves 1"$853.08
Fixture Install & Water Treatment > Water Filter Cartridge Replacement
R.O. Pre Post Fltr (2)$436.98
R.O. Membrane-North Star$460.26
R.O. Membrane Aqua Pure 5000 - DISCONTINUED$665.16
R.O. Membrane Aqua Pure 5500$361.86
R.O. Membrane - Compact Style - DISCONTINUED$488.70
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Minimum Work & Assistants Required
Additional Technician 1$297.48
Additional Technician 2$589.98
Additional Technician 3$1,174.98
Assistant Required$147.66
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Access Panel Installs
Cut Open 3' x 3' Sheetrock$195.36
Cut Open 3' x 3' Formica$366.78
Cut Open 3' x 3' Tile, *No Guarantee On Chipping$378.12
Cut Open 3' x 3' Plaster, *No Guarantee on Wall Cracking$346.56
Cut 3' x 3' Attic Access-Sheet Rock$589.74
Cut 3' x 3' Under House Access-Raised Floor$715.80
Access Panel Plastic 6" x 9" Install$357.12
Access Panel Plastic 14" x 14" Install$367.86
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Floor Repairs - Includes: Removal of up to specified area
Replace Up To A 5' x 7' Section of Top Lament$790.02
Replace Up To A 3' x 3' Section of Sub-Floor$752.94
Replace Up To A 5' x 5' Section of Sub-Floor$1,132.02
Replace Up To A 2' x 2' Section of Top Lament$529.02
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Wall Drop-In & Fire Blocking
Drop In Plaster Interior Wall - Each$126.84
Drop In Exterior Wall - Each$336.72
Fire Blocking Per Wall$239.22
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Pot Hole Underground Utilities - Expose using spoil vacuum machine
Expose Utility in Dirt or Grass, Medium - 3 areas$800.28
Expose Utility in Dirt or Grass, Major - 6 areas$1,365.06
Expose Utility Under Concrete/Asphalt, Minor - 1$873.30
Expose Utility Under Concrete/Asphalt, Medium - 3$1,218.54
Expose Utility Under Concrete/Asphalt, Major - 6$1,730.28
Expose Utility in Dirt or Grass, Minor - 1 area$633.84
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Excavation - By Hand - Price Includes Assistant
Assistant Hand Excavate 1' x 50' x 18"$1,081.56
Assistant Hand Excavate 1' x 100' x 18"$2,090.04
Assistant Hand Excavate 1' x 150' x 18"$3,055.92
Excavate by Hand 5' x 5' x 4' Deep Hole$756.00
Excavate by Hand 6' x 6' x 5' Deep Hole$902.28
Assistant Hand Excavate 1' x 10' x 18"$595.92
Excavate by Hand 2' x 2' x 1' Deep Hole$205.14
Excavate by Hand 3' x 3' x 2' Deep Hole$390.42
Excavate by Hand 4' x 4' x 3' Deep Hole$609.78
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Digging & Backfilling
Sod Cut & Removed & Reinstalled Up to 50'$680.34
Roto Tiller Trench Line New Sod 50'$1,031.70
Backfill To Finish Planter/Grnd Cover$790.26
Heavy Root Infestation-Remove & Level$883.86
Roto Tiller Trench Line & Seed Yard$863.22
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Digging & Backfilling - Add-Ons
Additional Depth Per Foot$132.06
Backfill Sand-Per Yard$111.00
Backfill Pea/Gravel-Per Yard$92.46
Backfill Top Soil-Per Yard$109.44
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Excavation - Mechanical
Excavate Mechanical 6' x 6' x 5'$1,584.60
Mech. Exc. Remove Soil Up To A 4' x 4' x 3' Deep Hole$1,652.64
Mech. Exc. Remove Soil Up To A 5' x 5' x 4' Deep Hole$1,945.14
Mech. Exc. Remove Soil Up To A 6' x 6' x 5' Deep Hole$2,271.66
Excavate Up To 3' x 3' x 2' Deep Pit$502.50
Excavate Mechanical 4' x 4' x 3' Deep Hole$999.60
Excavate Mechanical 5' x 5' x 4' Deep Hole$1,292.10
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Cement and Asphalt Removal
Rem Up To 3' x3' x3" Thick Cement Or Asphalt$560.88
Rem Up To 4' x4' x3" Thick Cement Or Asphalt$707.10
Rem Up To 5' x5' x3" Thick Cement Or Asphalt$999.60
Rem Up To 6' x6' x3" Thick Cement Or Asphalt$1,166.04
Cut Concrete/Asphalt per foot$53.70
Haul Away Dirt Mud-Per Yard$248.46
Haul Away Asphalt/Conrete-Per Yard$415.98
Cut Concrete/Asphalt Up To 10°$398.34
Concrete/Asphalt Removal Up To 3'x2 sqr$707.10
Concrete/Asphalt Removal 1'x1'×3" Deep Ea$144.12
Jackhammer 3'x3'$78.12
Carpentry, Excavation & Misc > Water Heater - Haul Off
Haul Off Water Heater - Sidewalk$231.78
Haul Off Water Heater - Difficult Dirt$378.00
Haul Off Water Heater - Upstairs$451.14