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It's a nightmare for every homeowner, one of your waterlines burst. Now you fear you may need to rip up your patio, gardens, decks or even cause extensive damage to your home. This is where Trusted Plumbing & Heating come in. We employ the use of a new technology known as trenchless waterline repair. This technique is available to both commercial businesses and residential homes remove the damage and hassle of traditional sewer pipe repair, making the process much more simple and less costly for our customers. When you need sewer line repairs, don't have another company tear up your yard and your home. Call Trusted Plumbing & Heating for trenchless sewer pipe repair and keep your property intact.


Trenchless Waterline Repair Seattle WA

Although there are many ways detection of leaks and drain services can be spotted, sometimes it's not until there is a fully broken water line that the repair service is noticed. Our business uses the less invasive trenchless technology to help prevent more major replacement or digging of underground pipes, and create a more affordable repair service to your leak or pipe problems. 

A few signs you can look for are:
• foul odor or water discoloration
• increased water bill
• low water pressure
• puddles in yard

Having damaged lines can mean the water coming in is no longer in suitable condition for drinking, or even for washing. It’s important to keep the water lines repaired or replaced as soon as you become aware of the problem so that further damage can be controlled.

Trenchless Water Line Installation Seattle WA

If you have noticed a foundation shift, or a water bill that is normal, you may have a water line that is damaged and is leaking. If this sounds like a problem you are experiencing, you should call Trusted Plumbing & Heating right away. Water damage can cost you thousands in repairs. Just like sewer pipes, water lines tend to break from time to time. We can install, replace and repair water lines throughout the city of Seattle and greater King county communities. Our utility repair experts are here to help get your home back in working order. 

If you are located in Seattle, Washington or the surrounding area and you believe your sewer pipe or water line has been damaged and is in need of repairs. Or if you need more information about trenchless repairs. Please give Trusted Plumbing & Heating at (206) 231-5006.