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Tacoma Sewer Line Repair

Homeowners in Tacoma often run into sewer problems, from backup to strange toilet noises. Sometimes this happens because they inherited the problems when purchasing the home, or the problems developed as they lived in it. Either way, sewer problems can be worrisome and costly.  

Repair Sewer Line Tacoma 

Homeowners in Tacoma can prevent the worst damage scenario. For Tacoma homes older than 10 years old, annual sewer inspections are recommended for regular maintenance. For newer homes, every 3 years is recommended. Because tree roots are the primary cause of sewer damage, there might be trees that need to be removed from your yard if they are causing damage. Last, it is important to remember to take caution with sewer use. Certain items such as chemicals, oil, and plastic particles should not be poured down the drain. Paper towels and wrappers should not be flushed down toilets. Proper care of your sewer system can help it last longer and prevent costly repairs.  

If the sewer system in your Tacoma home does need plumbing repair or replacement, however, trenchless sewer repair is a non-invasive way to fix leaking pipes and clogged lines. The two most popular trenchless sewer repair methods are slip lining and line bursting method.


Slip lining is a technique in which an epoxy liner is pushed into the damaged lateral sewer piping. In time, the sewer liner cures and hardens, covering the broken line and fixing the leak. This form of trenchless repair is used when the problem is minor and minimal repair is needed. 

The line bursting method is usually used when the damage is more severe and the piping needs to be renewed. A high-density polyethylene line is inserted through the damaged pipe, after digging holes at both ends to be able to insert the new pipe. The “bullet” and “bursting” head is then connected to the HDPE piping and pulled through the old pipe. 


Fix Sewer Line Tacoma

How do you know which method is best for your Tacoma home? Though slip lining is usually quicker to complete, both methods are durable and last long. Because both forms are a form of trenchless repair, they are less expensive than conventional services where excavation of the yard is involved. A plumber can diagnose your home in Tacoma and determine whether your sewer line needs replacement services or just needs a simple fix. Trusted Plumbing and Heating provides professional plumbing services in Tacoma - call us today!