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Auburn Sewer Line Repair

Oftentimes, homeowners pay attention to their sewer system only when there is an issue. This is not the best way to go about it primarily because preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to save unnecessary expenses and headaches due to sewer problems. With regular inspections as well as cleaning, homeowners can cut costs. In addition, acting fast at the knowledge of a problem is a smart way to stop a small issue from becoming a big plumbing problem. Get professional repair for your Auburn home's sewer line today! Call Trusted Plumbing and Heating, we are available in Auburn! 


Repair Sewer Line Auburn

Roots of trees are one of the most common causes of pipe damage. Roots grow far from trees and can travel towards the pipes. They can find a vulnerable spot of a pipe and grow into it. If this happens enough, leaking or breakage of the pipe can eventually happen and might require repair or replacement. If your trees are closer to the piping system, or if you have significantly large trees in your yard, that is a sign to pay attention to. 


Fix Sewer Line Auburn

Here are some telltale signs that there is sewer damage in your home:


  • Bathtub or shower not draining
  • Strange noises from the toilet
  • Foul odor from the sewer or crawlspace
  • Foul odor from your lawn  
  • Pooling of water in your yard
  • Sewer backup

If sewer problems are not dealt with immediately, they can not only cause property damage to your Auburn home, but also cause damage to your health. The damage caused can include furniture or carpet destruction. Dampness caused by leaking pipes can create mold issues in the home which can be harmful to your health.   


Many homeowners have sewer damage but don’t even know it. Knowing and watching for the signs can help, but might not be enough. Regular maintenance and inspections can help Auburn homeowners take act early and prevent water property damage. It can also prevent the issue from growing into a far worse sewer problem, where repair or replacement is necessary. 


If you are a homeowner in Auburn and need plumbing services, call Trusted Plumbing and Heating! Our services include pipe repair, replacement, maintenance, or inspections. In addition, we employ trenchless methods including pipe lining as well as trenchless line bursting. 


We are expert plumbers that can take care of your home. We are available to care for homes in Puyallup as well as neighboring cities. 



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