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Puyallup Sewer Line Repair

Your sewer line is an essential component to keeping your hope comfortable and functional. Sewer problems can be some of the worst to have to deal with. This is why regular maintenance and upkeep can save you many headaches and unnecessary spending.  

There are certain causes that are more likely to cause repair to be required than others. These include tree roots, corrosion, clogging due to waste or foreign material, and extreme temperatures. 


Sewer Line Repair Puyallup

One of the best things Puyallup homeowners can do is know how to spot the signs of sewer plumbing issues. One sign that is pretty obvious is a foul-smelling yard. Homeowners in Puyallup can usually detect that something is wrong with their sewer line when they notice this, and quickly call a plumber for help. Bad-smelling yards happen because pipes that are broken or leaking allow waste and water to escape into the soil. This is especially true for pipes that are closer to the surface. 

Another sign that sewer plumbing repair or replacement services are necessary is water damage to the home. Sometimes this issue is not as easy to spot, but they are best solved at the early stages. If you think you may have water damage in your Puyallup home, and want an expert to assess it, call Trusted Plumbing and Heating for our plumbing services!


Also, draining difficulties might be the quickest to spot due to the common use of drains in Puyallup homes. Any drain can be clogged, however if multiple drains are clogged, this is a sign that the main sewer line system has an issue.    


Fix Sewer Line Puyallup

The common ways that pipes are repaired in Puyallup include pipe lining and pipe bursting. First, pipe lining is used when the damage is minimal. An inflatable tube covered in epoxy is inserted into the sewer line. The epoxy solution cures and hardens, and fixes the leak as a result. The inflatable tube, having served its purpose, is removed. Next, line bursting is the other popular method but it is used in more serious cases. This is because the process is more invasive, while being able to fix pipes that are more damaged. Plumbers insert a cone-shaped device into an existing line. The old line is destroyed, and a new piped replaces it. As expected, this process is expensive.  

If neither of these methods are sufficient, trenchless sewer repair is often used. It is the most invasive technique out of the three. However, it is still a far better and cheaper solution than the traditional methods of fixing sewer lines which require digging up the earth and repairing or replacing pipes. 

If you live in the Puyallup area and need line repair or replacement, call Trusted Plumbing and Heating and obtain plumbing services today!