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In Puyallup, sewer issues are a more common concern than in many other places that are not as rainy. Sewer problems can be very costly and timely to fix, and as a result, regular maintenance and inspections are an important investment. Otherwise, expensive issues could arise as they build up in time. Not only do they place the plumbing system of your home on halt, they can be costly and timely to fix if you don’t find a plumber that offers emergency services. 


There are certainly things that are more detrimental to your piping system than others. Puyallup homeowners need to be aware of what not to do as well as what is helpful for their drainage system.

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For starters, toilet paper (even though it is harmless in small amounts) can be very damaging to pipes. Piping systems (especially modern, newer ones) are built to be strong and withstand a lot of use. However, just like the rest of your Puyallup home, a sewer system is not an eternal one. Flushing too much toilet paper at one time tends to clog up the toilet and causes drainage backups. If you notice signs of slow drainage or complete blockage, a plumber can ensure that the blockage is fully cleared so that remaining clogging won’t cause more issues down the road. 


Hair is another common issue that causes issues with your sewer system. It is recommended that drain guards are used on all drains shower and bath drains. You may be surprised how easily hair can buildup and therefore cause clogging. 


Dirt can also be a potential problem. It binds to other particles and causes build-up. When you can, shake off large amounts of dirt from clothing and other items before washing them in the sink. Be cautious how much dirt you are letting through your drains at one time. 


Food waste is a common one in kitchen sinks. It is a good idea to keep a garbage disposal right under your sink so that when cleaning off your dishes, you can easily wipe off large amounts of excess before using the sink. This can help prevent blockage and keep your drain working for a long time.


Mineral build up might be one that is less intuitive, but hard water combines with grease sticks to the lining of the pipes and causes streaking and an overall less functionality. 


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