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Tacoma homeowners know what a pain sewer problems can be, especially in a rainy climate. They are one of the biggest investments a homeowner will make, and require regular maintenance and inspections. 


At Trusted Plumbing and Heating, we use the trenchless sewer repair method instead of using the traditional, less efficient technique. When a sewer system is in the worst condition and other methods don’t suffice, the traditional method must be used. However, many times this costly and lengthy process can be avoided. The trenchless technique repairs pipes without destructively digging up and removing your floor or lawn. This, of course, can jeopardize the surfaces of your property and add up to additional costs. The trenchless method restores an existing pipe within by using the ruined current pipe as a host and building a new one one to seal any breakages or cracks. 

Clean Out Plumbing Tacoma

What causes drains to clog in your Tacoma home? It seems as though drains should work as expected: drain down waste products as we use them. However, seemingly safe items can be problematic if they are used too much at one time or incorrectly. Drains are not eternal tools and can ruin as well. 


Some common items that cause drains to clog include hair, toilet paper, small objects, and soap. These are explained in more detail below.

Drain Plumbing Tacoma

Hair tends to bunch up together in the drain and when combined with more hair and particles, causes blockages down your pipes. Placing drain guards is a smart way to prevent this common issue.


Toilet paper, though safe in smaller amounts, often causes clogging when used too much at one time and combines with other particles such as grease and other waste. If you flushed down too much at one time and your toilet clogs, you might be able to unclog it by using a plunger. This would shift the material and loosen it, causing it to unclog the pipe. If water does not go down when you flush, you will probably need services from a plumber to aid your sewer system.


Soap seems like an innocent substance as well, but traditional recipes include grease and oil. Grease tends to combine with minerals and other substances, causing streaking and sticking to the lining of the piping system. This compromises the health of the pipes and greatly increases the chances of clogging. Drain cleaning services like hydro jetting or chemical cleaning can wash out your pipes from this buildup.

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Main Line Plumbing Tacoma