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What is repiping, anyways?

When Puyallup homeowners consider repiping, this means they are considered to replace their current piping with new pipes. Because the job is an expensive and important one, it is smart to have a professional examine the current piping in your Puyallup home and recommend a solution. An experienced technician will assess what is causing the issues and what needs to be done. 

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There are certain signs that you can look out for to know whether or not it may be time to replace your piping.

First, you may notice that the water pressure in your Puyallup home is not what it used to be. Old cast iron pipes can contribute to low water pressure in Puyallup homes. Corrosion and harmful deposits can affect the piping which can contribute to the lack of space for water to pass through the lines. Considering replacing the cast iron pipes with PVC may be a good idea in this case.  


Another sign is slow or clogged drains. The more worn out pipes get, the more difficult it is to carry away waste residues. Also, constantly dripping faucets and certain pipes are damaged and need to be replaced. In addition, sump pump failure can be a result of clogged discharge pipes. Plus, if your water heater fails, it could mean that the issue is larger than just the heater.


Next, discoloration of water could mean that the pipes are so old, that they rust. This rust could enter the water, and cause it to discolor. Last, if you notice strange noises coming from your piping system, this is not a good sign. Obviously, the more collective signs you notice, the stronger the indication that your piping needs to be replaced. Call a local plumber to assess the health of your home’s pipes.


Repiping specialists puyallup

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Not all piping is created equal. Certain types of piping last longer than others. For example, polyvinyl chloride lasts from 25 to 40 years. Copper can last up to 80 years. Galvanized steel, brass, and cast iron can last 80 to 100 years. The time frame of the piping needs to be considered, however, there are other factors that need to be taken into account before choosing the best option for your Puyallup home. 

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