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What is repiping service? When a Des Moines home is repiped, this means that existing pipes are replaced with new ones. This can happen with just some of the pipes, or it could be that all of the pipes are restored. Overall, this is a very important (and expensive) job, and it can cause a homeowner in Des Moines to feel overwhelmed.

Luckily, the experience of a plumber can help relieve some of that tension. A plumber is able to inspect your Des Moines home, the cause of the problem, and the extent to which the repairs need to be done. For example, if a home has good piping overall, except a small section, a plumber is able to recommend a partial repiping job. This way, it saves a homeowner a significant amount of expenses.  On the other hand, if a home is seriously in need of piping replacement throughout, a repiping job can help prevent future expenses that would come up from the damage caused by old pipes. In fact, if pipes that need to be replaced go ignored, it could cause more expenses in the long run than the initial repiping job (due to the damage to your property in Des Moines). 


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What happens during a repiping process? First, a technician runs an inspection and provides the Des Moines homeowner an estimate. Next, the type of material will be chosen. After this, the plumbing team needs to take action to secure your belongings and property. While doing so, your home’s water service is temporarily shut off and work areas are covered with plastic for protection. Plumbers have tools to pinpoint exactly where the piping is behind your walls. Openings in the drywall need to be made so that the technicians have access to the piping system. Afterwards, the plumbers repair the walls and often repaint them so that the home can be restored to its previous condition. 

Tip: If you plan to do remodeling to your Des Moines home, complete the repipe work first. This way, you can complete the remodeling on your walls afterwards.

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