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Directional Drilling Des Moines

Directional Drilling Des Moines

We provide directional drilling services to other plumbing companies Des Moines. Some companies in the Des Moines area may not have an expertise with this method, or don’t place a focus on using this method.   

In some circumstances, conventional and invasive methods that require excavation or digging are not appropriate or efficient. In these cases, plumbers turn to directional drilling. Directional drilling is non-vertical plumbing.  

The first step that a plumber takes is locating existing utilities and obstacles. Crossing sewer lines are also located so that safety precautions can be taken. Two holes are drilled which mark the overall path of the drill tunnel. A reamer is then attached, and pulled back to expand the tunnel area and make room for a new sewer line. Last, the sewer line is pulled through from one end until it reaches the other end to complete the project.   

Directional Boring Des Moines 

The benefits of directional boring include:  

  • Less disruption to the surrounding environment: Because a whole is drilled as opposed to excavation or ground digging, less soil disruption happens.  
  • Quicker project completion: This method cuts the amount of work that needs to be done, and therefore saves time and speeds up the time it takes to complete. 
  • Location flexibility: This method provides more flexibility with where and how the desired area is reached. Obstacles are easier to avoid. 
  • Ecosystem-friendly: In addition to less landscape damage, directional drilling method reduces the potential to rock fractures and also lessens the chance of groundwater contamination. 
  • Cost-effective: Because project completion is sped up as well as being a minimally-invasive method, directional boring is cost effective and therefore are especially great for those that work on a budget.  

Drilling Horizontal Des Moines  

Horizontal drilling is a trenchless method that is suitable for wet soils, harder-type clays, and environmentally sensitive areas. First, shallow sending and receiving pits are created. This marks the overall path of the tunnel made for the sewer line. Next, the actual pilot hole is dug along the planned path. Next, a reamer is then connected and pulled through to create more room in the tunnel. When pipes need to be installed, the tunnel can be up to 25% larger than the pipe that needs to be inserted. Last, a pipe is then installed and pulled through to connect with the other end.   

We issue directional drilling services to other companies in the Des Moines area. If your company needs directional drilling services in Des Moines, call Trusted Plumbing and Heating. We will put our experience to work for you!