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Directional Drilling Kirkland

Directional Drilling Kirkland

Trusted Plumbing and Heating works with other plumbing companies to provide directional drilling services in Kirkland. If you need these services and are in the Kirkland area, call Trusted Plumbing and Heating today!   

Directional drilling is a term used to describe drilling that is non-vertical. Other terms often used synonymously are directional boring and horizontal drilling. This method is especially useful when the drilling area contains certain obstructions that need to be avoided. Sometimes, other methods that require digging are not the best and efficient options, and so directional drilling is used. Innovative directional boring technologies are used by trenchless professionals to fix underground lines, and this method is called cured-in-place pipe repair.   

Directional Boring Kirkland 

Directional drilling equipment is often used for various underground installations and repairs, and this includes piping work. This method provides easy access to the damaged piping. Two holes are first dug, to create the beginning and the end of the drill path. Afterwords, the actual drilling happens and the process ends when the drill reaches the other end of the tunnel. A reamer is attached and pulled through to expand the tunnel if more room needs to be made to install new piping. Different piping could be either made from PVC line sealant, steel or plastics. Either way, this handy technique makes a plumber’s job far more efficient.  

Horizontal Drilling Kirkland  

Horizontal drilling, manual digging is avoided, which makes it an incredibly valuable tool. This could mean thousands of dollars and days (even weeks) of saved time! Directional drilling equipment can be used to do complicated projects such as sewer repair with many underground obstacles.  

Here are some of the top benefits: 

  • Durability. With horizontal drilling, materials that are strong and last long are used in order to perform the job and helps prevent damage during renovation. As a result, the installation or repair can be done under complicated areas such as rivers and driveways that may otherwise cause issues along the way if another method is attempted.  
  • Cost-efficiency. Because less dirt needs to be moved and overall, less work needs to be done, directional drilling cuts back on the overall cost that a project takes. This brings significant cost savings to users. 
  • Expedited project completion. Another benefit of avoiding trenching or excavation is quicker project completion.  

Here at Trusted Plumbing and Heating, we provide directional drilling services to other plumbing companies in the Kirkland area. If you are in Kirkland and are looking for this service, contact us today!