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Directional Drilling Everett

Directional Drilling Everett

We provide directional drilling services to other plumbing companies in Everett. Some plumbing companies don’t place a focus on directional drilling, and prefer to outsource this service. Call us in Everett today!  

Directional drilling means non-vertical drilling. It is a trenchless method that involves drilling through to create a pathway for a new pipeline, or drilling to reach an existing pipeline. This method is great to avoid certain obstacles that could be in the way. 

Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, directional boring as and horizontal drilling do carry different meanings. Directional boring comes with the word “bore”, which implies a shorter-length bore drill (may be used to drill hundreds of feet long). Horizontal drilling usually implies a longer bore drill (which can be used to drill thousands of feet). Either way, both terms correspond with directional drilling, which is a general word for non-vertical drilling.   

Directional Boring Everett 

This method comes with certain benefits, discussed below.  

  • Versatile process: longer pipes can be inserted through directional boring in deeper ground locations. Compatible materials that can be used to include HDPE, mechanical joint PVC, steel.  
  • Minimal disruption: because this method is a trenchless as well as minimally-disruptive method, with it, a technician can more easily avoid certain obstacles such as tree roots and pre-existing sewer lines.  
  • Cost-efficiency: directional boring cuts costs because it cuts back on the need to do more digging and overall work (when compared to methods such as open trenching, microtunneling, or bore and jack). 
  • Shorter completion time: because this a less-invasive method, it ends up being a time-saver. In addition, it cuts back on the noise created with excavations and trenching.  

Drilling Horizontal Everett 

Horizontal drilling allows much easier repair or pipe installation in Everett which could be very difficult to accomplish with other methods. Because of the flexibility benefits of directional drilling, obstructions that could be found, either known or unexpected, can be avoided.  

Here are some of the benefits of directional drilling:  

  • Reduction in soil disturbance 
  • Single location area can be used to insert different pipes 
  • Reduces the chance of groundwater contamination 
  • Reduction in ecosystem damage  
  • Reduction of excavation costs 
  • Safer than other methods such as open cut 
  • Weather-resistance on the job 

With the benefits of this method, many plumbers and technicians turn to it as a great way to cut back on the costs, time, and invasion that would otherwise be needed if another method would be used. We issue directional drilling services to other plumbing companies in the Everett area. If you live in Everett, call Trusted Plumbing and Heating in Everett today!