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Directional Drilling Maple Valley

Directional Drilling Maple Valley

Trusted Plumbing and Heating works with other companies to provide directional drilling services in Maple Valley! If your company is in Maple Valley, call us today!  

Directional drilling means drilling that is non-vertical, or, horizontal. It differs from other methods because it does not require digging or excavation, meaning it carries great savings benefits. Horizontal boring machines are used to drill pilot holes. This method provides flexibility to where to drill, allowing to avoid expected or unexpected obstructions along the way. If the drill path contains a large rock, for example, the machine operator can change directions mid-project so that the obstacle does not prohibit the project completion. Read on below to know more about the benefits and learn how it works. 

Here are some of the main benefits: 

  • Avoid damage to the surrounding environment. This includes your building, hardscaping, and landscaping.  
  • Expedited project completion. Because drilling avoids the need to do digging or excavation, it takes far less time to complete the project. 
  • Cost-efficiency: this method brings significant cost-savings because it is overall easier and faster to complete.  

Directional Boring Maple Valley 

Directional boring benefits:  

Step 1: Gathering of the information and pilot hole creation. The drill operator needs to first collect information on the surrounding area so that a drill route can be planned. After this is done, a pilot hole is established moving into place the drilling machine and connected to a hollow pipe. This pipe is inserted into the ground at an angle, and the drilling is started as more sections are continuously added until the other end of the tunnel is reached. 

Step 2: The pilot hole is enlarged to make more room. If a new pipe needs to be installed, it is especially important to make room in the tunnel so that the pipe can fit. A reamer is used to do this as it is attached to the other side of the run and pulled back. As this happens, the dirt is moved away and the pilot hole is expanded.  

Step 3: The new line is established. After the hole is prepared, the new line is pulled from one end of the tunnel to the next. When it is in place, the line ends are connected, completing the project.  

Overall, directional drilling brings significant savings of both time and money.  

Horizontal Drilling Maple Valley 

We provide directional drilling services to other plumbers in Maple Valley. If your company works in Maple Valley, and you are looking for this service, Trusted Plumbing and Heating today!