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Directional Drilling Bonney Lake

Directional Drilling Bonney Lake 

We provide directional drilling services to other plumbing companies in Bonney Lake. If a company does not focus on this type of method, or is not able to provide plumbing service when this method is necessary, Trusted Plumbing and Heating works with companies like this in Bonney Lake and the surrounding areas.    

How is directional drilling done? 

The first step is to drill two holes, and these will determine the path of the drill. Next, the actual drilling happens. Directional drilling usually refers to shorter drilling bores (more like hundreds of feet). However, horizontal drilling refers to longer drilling (thousands of feet). Either way, a technician will determine what and where needs to be drilled, and the appropriate size bore drills will be used. The second step is attaching a reaming tool to soften and loosen the soil along the path and create a larger tunnel. Oftentimes, the area may be up to 25% larger than the size of the sewer line that is pulled through which is the last step of the process.  

Because this process is minimally-invasive, it is cost effective as well as efficient. Traditional methods use excavation, but with the directional drilling method, digging up the earth and excavation is avoided.  

Directional Boring Bonney Lake  

Though directional boring and horizontal drilling are often used interchangeably, they actually imply different things. “Bore” in directional boring implies smaller-sized drilling bores, digging up hundreds of feet. In contrast, horizontal drilling more likely implies longer-sized drilling, to thousands of feet deep. However, both methods do mean non-vertical drilling and are a type of directional drilling.  

Drilling Horizontal Bonney Lake  

In simple terms, horizontal directional drilling involves repairing or replacing sewer pipes in Bonney Lake without digging up the landscaping or yard. It involves drilling a hole underground to serve as a tunnel to pull a new sewer line through or repair an existing one. This method can be particularly useful when there are many buildings or trees nearby. The more underground obstacles that could be in the way, the more minimally invasive method would be necessary. In the case of fixing a sewer line in a city, for example, horizontal drilling can serve a particularly beneficial purpose. It can also be quite helpful if the area is close to trees where tree roots may be present.   

We issue directional drilling services to other companies in the Bonney Lake area. Call Trusted Plumbing & Heating today!