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Directional Drilling Bellevue

Directional Drilling Bellevue

We provide directional drilling services to other plumbing companies in Bellevue. 

Trusted Plumbing and Heating has experience in directional drilling in Bellevue. We work with other plumbing companies in Bellevue and provide these services to plumbing companies that are

either not focused on this method or unable to do so themselves. While other methods drill holes vertically, directional drilling refers to drilling horizontally. This method does not require digging trenches, and is considered to be trenchless. The hole is planned so that it starts and ends in predetermined locations. The particular benefit is that the boring machine is able to change direction to avoid underground obstacles that may be in the way. This includes known obstacles such as sewer lines as well as unexpected ones such as large rocks.  

When the pilot hole is in place, a new sewer line can be installed. In addition, existing sewer lines can be repaired because this method can uncover the earth and exhibit the root cause of the problem. As a result, excavation or large amounts of digging is bypassed. 

Directional Boring Bellevue

When directional boring is used, the site is prepared. The technician collects information on underground state and current obstructions including water lines or utility obstacles. The horizontal boring machine is moved into the correct place while the boring head is attached to drill rods that are stainless that come into the ground at an angle. As the boring head drills and creates the pilot hole, the drill-rod sections are added. In order to make room for a new sewer line, a reamer is attached which serves to clear the soil as it pulls back the dirt and rocks to expand the drilled area. The new sewer line is then pulled through the hole until it reaches the other end to complete the installation project. While new sewer lines can be installed with this method, repairs or inspections can be completed as well if installations themselves are unnecessary.  

Drilling Horizontal Bellevue

The benefits of this method include a quicker and more cost-effective trenchless installation or repair method. In addition, it offers a more environmentally-safe way of completing sewer projects. With horizontal drilling, you can avoid damage to your buildings, landscaping, as well as hardscaping.  

We issue directional drilling services to other companies in the Bellevue area. Call us today, and we can offer directional drilling and boring services to your company in Bellevue.