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Directional Drilling Puyallup

Directional Drilling Puyallup

Trusted Plumbing and Heating works with other plumbing companies and provides directional drilling servies in the Puyallup area. If your company is located or does work in Puyallup, call us today. 

Many times, trenchless options are used by plumbers. However, sometimes trenches methods don’t work well in certain circumstances. For example, if the location contains certain obstructions that can get in the way and make trenchless method not an effect option. In these circumstances, directional drilling can become very handy. This method can be used in various conditions and relatively has a smaller impact on the surrounding environment. Particularly, it comes very helpful for installing new pipelines in urban areas.  

Directional Boring Puyallup

Directional boring is used for drilling horizontally to hundreds of feet. Before starting, however, a drilling operator needs to gather information about the environment, including what kinds of obstructions can be underground. The drilling operator makes a route plan on where to start, continue on, and where it would end. This way, the operator is able to plan how best to avoid the obstacles while completing the project. Of course, unexpected obstructions can be found along the way (such as rocks). With directional boring, these obstructions are much more easily avoided than with other methods.  

Once the route plan is created, the operator gets to the actual drilling. After digging a small hole at the beginning and the ends of the path, the drill is used starting from one end to create the path. The drilling then ends when the other end is reached. A new line is then connected and pulled through the newly created tunnel. With this process, excavation is avoided.   

Drilling Horizontal Puyallup

Horizontal bore drilling has particular benefits compared with other methods, listed below.  

  1. Durability. Horizontal drilling utilizes durable materials that last longer. When there is better precision in the drill placement, it helps prevent environmental damage to the surroundings. 
  1. Expedited project completion and lower cost. Because horizontal drilling cuts down the overall work that needs to be done as well as more easily avoids obstructions, the project completion time is expedited as well. In contrast, other methods such as open-cut are much more invasive which cost both time and money. With horizontal drilling, less dirt needs to be moved out of the way and less rebury and disposal that needs to be done.  
  2. Less disruption. With a bore drill that is easy to manipulate to specific areas, it is far more safe for the surrounding environment so that avoidance building and landscape destruction is far easier.  

We provide horizontal drilling services and work with other plumbing companies in the Puyallup area. If your company is looking to outsource this service, call us in Puyallup today!