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You may not think about the piping in your Fife home very often. However, your home’s piping system, like most things, does not last forever. Over time, piping rusts, decays, and breaks. Eventually, piping needs to be replaced. If not, it could cause severe damage to both your Fife home and health. Clearly, repiping is a very expensive job, so homeowners in Everett certainly shouldn’t do it if they don’t have to. Here are some signs to look out for to have an idea of when it is time to replace your home’s piping.


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Knowing when to do repiping for your home starts with knowing what your piping is made of. For example, brass, cast iron, and galvanized steel can last up to 100 years. Copper can last up to 80, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can last up to 40 years. 


If the piping in your home is older than these time frames, it does not necessarily mean that it is time for replacement. Pipes that are well-maintained and used less last longer. Pipes that are not maintained and are in an area with more minerals may fail sooner. 


In conclusion, no matter what type of material the piping in your home is made of, it is smart to keep an eye on it. 


Remodeling First

If you are planning to do remodeling in your home, it is best to do the piping first. For example, if you are planning to paint or repair your walls, addressing your piping system first can help ensure that the wall remodeling can be completed without the need to break it in order to access the piping. 

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Popular Piping Options

When you keep an eye on your piping, what do you look for? In other words, what are some signs that could indicate that it is time to replace your piping? Don’t think that if you have a pipe burst, it is necessary time for replacement. Keep an eye on these signs:

  • Discolored Water
  • Visible Corrosion
  • Consistently Clogging Pipes
  • Aged Pipes
  • Continual Leaks/bursts

Of course, the more signs that collectively happen, the more serious the indication that your piping is in need of replacement. 

If you think that your home needs repiping service, call a local plumber. An experienced technician will assess the current problems with your piping that are causing issues, and will recommend the best and most affordable solution for your home. It may be that only part of your piping needs to be done. If this is the case, it could save you large costs.

If you live in Fife and need repiping for your home, call Trusted Plumbing and Heating at (206) 231-5007. Our experienced plumbers will provide you with the best, most affordable options for your home.