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Everett Sewer Line Repair

Damaged pipes can not only cause ruin to your property in Everett, but they can also harm your health. Leaked sewer pipes cause water dampness in your home and leak waste and water into your yard.    

Not all pipes are created equal. Some pipes are stronger and more durable for others, allowing for more wear and tear as well as a longer lifespan. Regardless, any type of line can be damaged and Everett homeowners need to be alert to the condition of their sewer system.  


Repair Sewer Line Everett

There are a few most popular trenchless methods of sewer line repair or replacement. Relining is a trenchless repair method that replaces new pipes with the broken ones. A sort of “sleeve” is inserted into the broken 

area and seals in the crack. However, the line first needs to be cleaned out, followed by lining that is applied and hardened after a few hours. 

Next, burst pipe hydraulic replacement is used in cases with worse sewer damage. A new sewer line is pulled through the old one. This method is considered a trenchless one, and uses hydraulics to break the old pipe while the new one replaces it. 


The third option is preventative maintenance. Of course, most homeowners probably know about this method, but they might not know the importance of it. The need for repair or replacement can interfere with the comfortability of your home as well as cause a lot of stress due to high expenses. Regular maintenance can prevent issues from bursting up as well as lengthen the lifespan of your Everett home’s piping system. Regular inspections and drain cleaning services can help detect early signs of damage and stop a plumbing problem from occurring. Call Trusted Plumbing and Heating for our plumbing services! 

Fix Sewer Line Everett

If you are worried about tree roots that might be destroying your plumbing system, or pipes that may be cracked within your walls, don’t wait to call a professional! Plumbing problems are best fixed in the early stages, whereas waiting can cause unnecessary damage and expenses. We fix broken, deformed, or collapsed sewer lines. We will put our experience to work for your, and will detect if it is just a simple fix or if a more invasive approach is needed. 

If you need sewer plumbing repair or replacement services, please don’t hesitate to call us in Everett today!