Garbage Disposal Repair Service

Get your most-used kitchen appliance fixed on the same day you call Trusted Plumbing.

We rely on our garbage disposals so much that we hardly pay attention to them... until something goes wrong. You can get away with ignoring a finicky disposal for a little while, but eventually, whether it’s emitting foul odors, or you’re tired of remembering not to use that side of the sink, you’ll be ready to get your disposal working again.


Disposals are easy to use but risky to fix on your own

There’s a chance you can fix your disposal on your own. A disposal that isn’t working properly is usually caused by one of three things.

  • It’s overheated. If your disposal isn’t responding at all when you flip the switch, it’s probably because it overheated and switched off to prevent blowing a circuit. You don’t need a plumber to solve this problem. Simply locate and press the reset button on the disposal carriage under the sink.
  • It’s jammed with a foreign object or too much food. Foods that are hard or tough or too much food at once can cause gears to get clogged. You can try to unclog it yourself if you take extra precautions but you should definitely call a plumber if you have any doubt about how to do this.
  • It’s leaking. Disposal leaks are more challenging to fix and we suggest calling a plumber if this is the issue.

All of these problems are usually caused by one thing: putting things in the disposal that don’t belong there. If you want to preserve the life of your disposal then it’s important never to put hard objects like fruit pits or eggshells in your disposal and always run water when it’s in use.

Get Your garbage disposal repaired

Call Trusted Plumbing & Heating for a free estimate or to repair your garbage disposal. You’re under no obligation and you’ll still receive the best advice, even if you go with someone else.

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