Why Is Water Coming Up Out Of My Drains?

If your drains are backing up, be sure to call a plumber ASAP!

Are you having trouble with your drains? In the world of plumbing, there are high drains and low drains. The low drains are in your showers, tubs, and toilets, whereas your sinks have the highest drains in your system. This means that if you are having water coming up out of your sink drain, it is generally a problem associated with that particular sink, rather than the entire plumbing system. However, if there is water backing up into your tubs or toilets, you might have an issue with a main plumbing component. Below, we will discuss a few common causes of backed up drains.

Dishwasher Woes

Is your dishwasher running when your kitchen sink backs up? If so, the drain lines that come out of the dishwasher might be clogged or restricted. Make sure to have them flushed, and the problem should go away.

Drain Lines

There is a master drain line in your home. In the event that you have hair or dirt backing up into your lower drains, as well as a foul odor, you likely have a backed up or clogged main sewer line. Be sure to call a professional to sort this out for your ASAP!


Every drain should be equipped with a trap that is meant to keep sewer gas from coming up through your pipes. In the event that your trap becomes clogged by hair, soaps, and other debris that flush down the sink, the trap will stop allowing water to flow through it, and the drain will begin to backup. It is wise to hire a professional to assist you here as well, to ensure the repair is done quickly and correctly.

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