What Is A Plumbing Snake?

What is a plumbing snake?” is likely not high on your list of things to ponder. But if sewage begins to back up into the drain during your shower, it suddenly becomes a pressing topic of interest.

You wouldn’t be alone in that interest. Approximately 700 people per month Google the question, “What is a Plumbing Snake?”

In simplest terms, a plumbing snake is a device (sometimes known as a rooter) with an extendable cable or “snake” that spins while being inserted and extended into a clogged drain. The spinning and pushing action push the clog through the drain, freeing up water flow. Often those blockages are created over time by the buildup of oil, hair, and other things that have gone down your drain.

A few things to consider when you have a clogged drain that may require a plumbing snake.

Try a plunger first. If the clog is small and in toilet, try a hand-held plunger to dislodge debris. If that doesn’t do the trick, consider the next steps.

Second, we encourage you to shy away from harsh chemicals to clear the clog. They aren’t always effective, are highly toxic (aka dangerous to you, the kids, your pets, and our water supply), and don’t always clear the drain debris.

Third, you can purchase your own plumbing snake from a hardware store, but they vary in price and effectiveness enormously–$200 to $2000 is a common range. You will just waste money if the device you purchase can’t handle your clog or is the wrong tool for your particular type of drain. The wrong device or inexperienced handler can actually damage pipes.

When sewage is backing up into your drains, the problem is likely with your drain to and from the water main, which can be 3-4 inches in diameter. Simple, hardware-store variety plumbing snakes not only won’t reach the clog, but would be ineffective even if they could reach that far. Some plumbing snakes just push the problem farther down the line.

That’s when it’s time to call in the experts. Trusted Plumbing and Heating has not only the right equipment for various types of drains, but the expertise to safely, efficiently, and thoroughly clean out your clog.

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