4 Steps To Better Plumbing This Fall

As homeowners and home renters, we are already privy to regularly scheduled Summer and Winter plumbing maintenance. This is when we check our sprinklers, insulate our pipes, and check our drains, among other things. However, there are tasks that should be completed when the weather begins to get cooler that will help your pipes last longer and your energy bill stays where it is.

Shut Down Your Outside System

When Fall approaches, there is less need for watering and misting, so it’s a great time to unhook your water hoses and turn off any outdoor valves you won’t be using. Cover your spigots with a styrofoam shield to prevent cold air from entering your pipes. This will help you save water and the line in the event of an early freeze.

Water Heater Care

As the temperature gets colder, heating water gets more difficult for your water heater. Turn your thermostat to 120℉ to keep the water warmer and prevent your heater from having to work so hard. Fall is also the perfect time to flush your water heater. Spring and Summer rain can agitate the soil, leaving sediment in your heater that can cause it to fail. Flushing your heater will prevent it building up and causing problems.

Sewer Line TLC

Fall is the time to ensure your sewer lines are clean and clear. Heavy rains and tree root growth are two of the main causes of sewer trouble, along with sewer main backup and clogged sewer home lines. A professional can clean your drains and sewer lines to help prevent problems during the upcoming months.

Garbage Disposal Care

With Fall comes the beginning of the holiday season which means food and company galore. Inspecting and caring for your garbage disposal can help ensure that your holiday get-togethers go as planned. Inspect your disposal blades to make sure they are turning properly and check the unit for leaking or funny noises that may need to be professionally repaired.

Fall is a time of cool weather and changing colors. Don’t let plumbing woes ruin your season. When you need plumbing maintenance or repair, call the experts at Trusted Plumbing & Heating for fast, reliable service.